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It's a giant bat wearing armor. It just hanged some guy from a tree.

How can he not be awesome?
Posted By: Kirbster (9/4/2010 3:38:07 PM)


Compare to Highway Robber.
Potential to drain 4 life and beat in the air puts it above, but the fact that it exiles itself ruins possibility for repeat reanimations.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/14/2011 2:21:11 PM)



Highway robber is the one hanging from the tree, so the comparison was done for us.
Posted By: desolation_masticore (5/25/2011 7:18:58 AM)


nice card, it took a while 'till I started liking it ;)
Posted By: Buderus (9/14/2010 12:43:00 PM)


I love the Haunt ability, especially since you can haunt your own creatures.
Posted By: Etregan (11/18/2009 2:22:03 AM)


I like this card, I've used this in my B/W deck ever since I've had it. Won me a few games
Posted By: Creyn (3/26/2010 9:51:22 PM)


A pretty decent common, I'll take it over Soul Feast for a B/W drain deck.
Posted By: BrutalJim (7/19/2009 6:00:54 PM)


Practical, enjoyable, cruel. These are just some of the words that can be used to describe how good this card is. Taking two life from the opponent plus gainging it for yourself, and acquiring a 2/2 flyer is good; reaping away another two life for yourself is magnificent. Granted that the deck you playing the bat in is black and that the opponent has a weak creature, utilizing its haunt ability should be fairly easy.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (6/28/2009 4:17:42 PM)


Bloodchief Ascension.
Posted By: nammertime (12/25/2009 12:13:07 PM)


Y'know, I liked Haunt. It took me a while to understand, but I liked it. Unfortunately, this was one of the only cards with Haunt that wasn't rather awful. There were, what, two others?

But anyways, holy crap this thing is great and I love it forever. It has pulled my butt out of the fire more times than I can count. It's ETB life drain, which is convenient. It's a great chump blocker that can get around some evasion, which is nice. On the off chance I have an opening to attack, it can do so in a respectable manner. This card is everything I could ever want out of a 4 CMC 2/2 flyer.
Posted By: MyrBattlecube (9/20/2011 12:16:35 AM)


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