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The artist is Pat Lee...WAIT. Like, infamous Transformers comic illustrator Pat Lee?

Well...that would explain the "dull surprise" look on the souls. Man this is weird, it's like I knew there was something familiar about this card but I couldn't place it until now.

Oh um right the card. It's amazing.

Posted By: Specter_Fanatic13 (5/7/2012 12:34:23 AM)


Throw under bus, Unearth rise repeat.
Posted By: Quantumbiologist (2/17/2013 4:35:28 PM)


why would you attack if you had a 20/20 and you knew he could block with this thing?

also souls of the faultless are sexy ass hell.
Posted By: supershawn (3/11/2011 3:12:34 PM)


@AEKblackheart I have to disagree with the other two responses to your question, that game did not end in a draw. Rather events would have unfolded as follows:
Damage is dealt to you and your two souls.
This triggers the SOTFs' abilities which goes on the stack.
You die as a state based action (meaning before you have a chance to do anything) because you have less than 1 life.
Then your girlfriend wins before the souls' abilities resolve.

Interesting fact: this is how lifelink used to work, but it has been changed to "Damage this creature deals causes you to gain that much life". Note the lack of the word "whenever", that's your clue that it happens instantly instead of going on the stack like the souls' ability.
Posted By: VonD (1/27/2011 11:18:06 PM)


Soul of the Faultless is not an artifact. Guardian Beast would not make it indestructible. Try something like Darksteel Plate, Eldrazi Monument, Indestructibility, Shield of Kaldra, or Shield of the Oversoul. By the time you get all three cards out, you might as well just put Pariah on a Stuffy Doll for the same scared effect. One stamp better put a Guilty Conscience on the Doll as well.
Posted By: applecorn (8/15/2011 1:34:11 AM)


This card and Valor Made Real eqauls a lot of life for you, and a lot of life lost from the opponent.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/5/2009 2:18:36 PM)


@SGLinkmaster: Why did you attack, then?
Posted By: BuffJittePLZ (6/1/2011 9:02:41 AM)


@ Lord Ceviche : You gain life, they lose life and Souls gets the -1/-1 counters. Infect still counts as damage.

This is my favorite wall and perfect Orzhov. It delays your opponent, feels excruciating, and I have killed a few people when they forgot I had this on the field and swung with something nasty. Alongside the new High Priest of Penance this becomes some evil fun. Your opponent will freeze up as you whittle them down.
Posted By: Enelysios (3/9/2013 1:29:50 AM)


Popping this into play with Dragon Arch, just in time to block your opponent's massive creature = priceless.
Posted By: cathode01 (2/19/2011 9:08:15 PM)


Underrated and overlooked
Posted By: Mikek (1/3/2009 11:03:20 AM)


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