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While you guys are making 9/11 terrorism jokes, I figured someone would have made a reference to Tower of Calamities or something.
Posted By: DrJack (8/2/2012 2:37:04 AM)


the one point of extra power really matters, i'd in some cases prefer it to either the anthem or crusade in a mono-white deck.
But all of them are in most mono-white decks not as good as Honor of the Pure.
Posted By: Mode (9/7/2009 6:21:42 AM)


I find it interesting it gives white creatures Unholy Strength rather than Holy Strength. This is actually quite playable, and a solid mono-white option, especially if you use Pacifism or Faith's Fetters and the like to lock down one of their permanents to keep it running.
Posted By: Equinox523 (6/20/2011 8:26:06 AM)


Jihad: Giving your creatures the racial intolerance they need to cleanse the battlefield of other colors and creeds.
Posted By: vesterpop (6/1/2012 6:25:15 AM)


I had a good laugh... and now I'm going to hell.
Posted By: brockdjwest (2/12/2012 7:53:27 AM)


This card was a favorite of mine, but it rarely worked out well. Pacifism would have helped greatly.

The idea was to get this into play, attack with my Camels and Abu Ja'fars and then play Army of Allah. Good times were had when it worked.
Posted By: pzbw7z (9/11/2012 7:13:49 PM)


... I had a Terrorist Deck consisting of Jihad, Mogg Fanatics, Desert Nomads, Bomb Squad and Ruination. Looking back, it wasn't that funny.
Posted By: luca_barelli (6/27/2011 9:44:01 PM)


...can you REALLY play Jihad and Crusade together? Wouldn't your deck blow up?
Posted By: Gishra (11/10/2010 5:06:21 PM)


Have this in a Hazezon Tamar EDH deck. Makes all his little Sand Warriors 3/2s. Yes, I get the joke, no, that's not why I put it in there. I like using my older cards, especially when they're actually useful. WhiteWhiteWhite isn't hard to pull off at all, and keeping this in play isn't all that hard. Name someone's general. You get a beefed up army, and you basically just painted a target on an opponent.
Posted By: endersblade (7/27/2011 4:57:30 PM)


I mentioned this to my friend when I cast Crusade, and he just didn't believe this existed. Always fun to look at old cards like this.
Posted By: Chamale (3/12/2011 9:26:10 PM)


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