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I thought this was a real card. It's not broken or anything.
Posted By: land_comment (3/27/2011 12:20:10 PM)


I think the flavor text should have referenced Monty Python.
Posted By: themlsna (6/6/2010 7:09:46 PM)


This really isn't that Un...in fact, it's much less broken than Dark Ritual.
Posted By: PhyrexianLobbiest (7/3/2010 4:27:07 PM)


the Un- thing is the teammate thing.
But yeah, it could be taken off and be a pretty usable card in a core set or something maybe
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/4/2010 4:13:21 PM)


I look forward to seeing this card and maybe some of its Unglued buddies reprinted in next year's Summer of Multiplayer product.
Posted By: Gandlodder (5/23/2011 7:55:08 PM)


5/5 just for the flavor text :D
Posted By: Ricster24 (5/31/2011 12:55:55 PM)


Unglued and Unhinged cards aren't wholesale broken. They're pretty underpowered as far as sets go, really. Lots of funny abilities and effects that just aren't that good.
Posted By: BegleOne (6/27/2011 7:49:45 AM)


Use a hole bunch of one cost
have like 6 monsters out and 12
Play that one BlackBlackVariable Colorless cost card that Variable Colorless can only be spent with black mana to deal 22 damage xD
Posted By: TrueBloodWolf (7/10/2011 10:43:09 AM)


I guess that card inspired the Join Forces mechanic from Magic Commader, which is a cycle of 1cc Sorceries as well.

And these are from 2011. This one is from 1998.
It sure took Wizards some time to realize this concept.
Posted By: Mode (7/17/2011 6:50:36 AM)


for a second I completely forgot the silver border. I would LOVE to have this card. It looks like something that could actually be printed in a real set.
Posted By: PolskiSuzeren (5/4/2010 8:03:41 PM)