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Strictly blacker than Black Lotus
Posted By: Zulutw0 (2/17/2013 10:00:48 PM)


Yeah mode, but have you tried tearing up a penny or glass bead?
Posted By: kajillion (9/27/2012 12:09:41 AM)


@Darth Paralax

Blackest Night Lotus: 0
Legendary Artifact- Doom Flower (Mythic Rare)
Tap, tear Blackest Night Lotus into 1000 pieces, then exile the pieces and light all pieces of any card with 'Lotus' in its name in exile on fire: Add five mana in any combination of colors to your mana pool and return all creatures from all graveyards into play under your control. Those creatures have deathtouch, persist, undying, unearth 0 and infect until end of turn and are black zombies in addition to their other creature types. At the beginning of the next end step, everyone loses The Game.

If a Johnny can manage to get around the tear drawback, the burn drawback, the Legendary drawback, AND the game loss drawback---AND prove that it was necessary to do so for profit---
then they will be crowned King of Combo. The Challenge starts....


Prototype Portal. Cast traumatize and then unearth your goblin horde with this card led by Goblin Chieftain/autoc... (see all)
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (6/4/2013 1:39:50 AM)


Strictly better than Black Lotus.
Posted By: Doublefirststrike (6/17/2011 4:10:43 PM)


...Proxy anyone?
Posted By: Crynocent (4/28/2010 1:37:23 AM)


@dberry02 - that is the coolest combo I've ever heard, the idea of ripping up every card on the opponents side of the battle field... well it's beautiful.

think you've forgotten blacker lotus costs 0 mana, so would die as soon as it became a 0/0 creature. fixable with something like Glorious Anthem though
Posted By: BlueRock (2/22/2011 1:02:55 PM)


Prototype portal and this... now you can tear up all the little paper TOKENS you use to represent this.
problem solved. Thank you prototype portal! best artifact ever.
Posted By: Tetsu_tora (5/13/2011 1:27:05 PM)


Gently brush the card's surface. You have removed at least a single molecule of the card. It is now in "pieces." Proceed as normal.

Also, the upcoming Blackest Lotus makes 5 mana of any colour, but to use it you have to light yourself on fire.
Posted By: Kirbster (8/23/2010 10:43:44 PM)


What if you just tear it in half, tape it back together after the game, put it back in the sleeve, and each time you play just remove the tape to take the pieces apart again? They really should've specified a minimum number of pieces.

But if you're just playing with friends and you want to stay true to the spirit of this without making each other waste money for no reason, I'd suggest something like only being able to use it once every 5 games, or houseruling a drawback like losing 5 life.
Posted By: achilleselbow (8/16/2010 1:42:03 AM)


Instead of using March of the Machines you could use Tezzeret the Seeker, or instead of Blacker Lotus you could use Chaos Confetti. Or throw in all four with Mater of Etherium for maximum redundancy. I thought of a deck like this, but with Shapesharer, Imagecrafter and red creature stealing spells like Act of Treason. And the win condition is simple, your opponent concedes when he realizes his Baneslayer Angel isn't worth a game of casual magic. They say you can concede at any time and even if tearing the card to pieces is a cost, I don't think conceding uses the stack.
Posted By: venerableloki (10/21/2010 3:09:47 PM)


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