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This card blows...counters onto other cards. Just wish it was legal.
Posted By: C5r1a5z0y (3/31/2011 11:31:33 AM)


yes black lotus gets a +1/+1 counter, and then if it becomes a creature with power and toughness equal to it's mana cost it won't die.

this card gets bonus points for targeting counters.
also for being a nice answer to -1/-1 counters.
but funny that vedalkan infuser gets charge counters from this...
Posted By: supershawn (6/14/2011 3:29:34 PM)


Good with Myojin, excellent with Proliferate. Phylactery Lich also goes great with this.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (7/4/2011 1:56:34 AM)


The thing about this card that makes it better than power conduit is that it just says move it to a card. You can put counters on cards in the exile zone! Or the commander zone! Or your binder! The sky is the limit!
Posted By: cntrstrk (1/3/2012 9:21:15 AM)


Heroes Remembered for 1 mana, and then Giant Fan onto any of the Myojins a few times every turn. :)
Posted By: SpacemanJim (4/13/2012 7:06:29 PM)


what the heck happens if I use this to whack a suspend counter on something?
Posted By: Wormfang (8/15/2012 10:22:04 AM)


Since it only targets the counters, Helix Pinnacle.
Posted By: pedrodyl (12/4/2012 4:56:39 PM)


I'm a giant fan of this card.
Posted By: InsertNameHere (8/27/2010 4:02:00 PM)


Haha... that card is just so silly! Wait, power conduit
Posted By: garbagegatherer (3/9/2010 10:22:56 AM)


What if the card you move it to is something like a mox pearl or black lotus? does black lotus get +1/+1?
Posted By: palmspark (8/27/2010 10:44:41 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!