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The History of Shahrazad: Part 2 of 3

Okay, that’s probably more than you ever wanted to know about the flavour of a card. Yet that’s just the start of the story of Shahrazad. Let’s discuss how the card itself has been used (and abused!) since it was printed 20 years ago.

When Magic was first created, nobody imagined what it would become. It was printed with the assumption that local groups would just buy a few cards. There wasn’t supposed to be more than one or two of any given rare in the few hundred groups of hardcore roleplaying/hobby enthusiasts that would actually buy more than the starter sets. When Arabian Nights was printed, the game had been out for about 3 months. It was starting to take off, but so far only Alpha and Beta had been printed and the assumption that rares would actually be rare still held. In fact, there wasn’t even a “4-in-a-deck” rule. It just wasn’t necessary because it was impossible to get that many copies of a rare. Unless you were some so... (see all)
Posted By: NemataGG2 (11/26/2013 4:43:02 AM)


The History of Shahrazad: Part 3 of 3

The players had roughly the same chance of winning the subgame as they did of winning the main game. This brings us to a part of Shahrazad’s history that many players are not familiar with. For a time, Shahrazad was one of the most powerful cards in Magic. When Shahrazad was printed, the exile zone hadn’t been invented yet. In fact, Arabian Nights introduced the concept of manipulating cards outside the game with Ring of Ma’ruf, a concept so radical at the time that they italicized the words “outside the game” on the original card just to show how awesome it was. Then Antiquities brought us Bronze Tablet, a card so bizarre you’ll just have to look it up yourself. Basically, removing stuff from the game was weird back then. Then, after Legends, The Dark came along and made removing from the game a regular thing, but not nearly as prevalent as exile is now. When stuf... (see all)
Posted By: NemataGG3 (11/26/2013 4:39:05 AM)


The History of Shahrazad: Part 1 of 3

To this day, Shahrazad remains a unique and infamous card. However, few players are familiar with its long and colourful past. I hope you find the history of this card as interesting as I do.

I’ll start with the flavour of the card. Arabian Nights was the first expansion for Magic. It introduced some… interesting cards. This is the set that gave us such historical gems as Moorish Cavalry and Jihad. It also contained Aladdin, Aladdin’s Lamp, and Aladdin’s Ring. That doesn’t seem too odd, until you consider that Disney’s Aladdin had just come out on videocassette a month or two before the set’s release! It suffices to say, the paradigm for Magic’s flavour was completely different back then.

Shahrazad is the name of a main character from classical piece of medieval Arabic literature, One Thousand and One Nights. The ... (see all)
Posted By: NemataGG (11/26/2013 4:43:59 AM)


Posted By: Salient (12/11/2012 8:38:12 PM)


Day 6
The Magic game continues. Though I vowed long ago to never concede a game, the need for food and water is overcoming me. I check my opponent's graveyard again. Maybe he has an extra Healing Salve, and is playing an illegally constructed deck? No such luck.
His Moat holds back my creatures, and walls of counterspells keep me from dealing with it. I've tried to deck myself several times, but he seems to always have a Timetwister right on time.
Each time I come close to breaking through, another wall is in my path, and he punishes me by playing another Shahrazad. Even when I manage to beat him in the subgame, it's a shallow victory, because this true game continues.
I cannot go on, but paradoxically cannot surrender. It is what he wants. After this long, I cannot allow him to win.
I draw my card for turn, and sigh.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/23/2014 3:20:05 PM)


Don't just Panoptic Mirror it. Next you must get out your Paradox Hazes. And in that subgame, do the same thing, rinse and repeat.
And then stop playing Magic. For God's sake.
Posted By: JWalks82 (1/3/2011 6:55:21 AM)


This is the weirdest card I have ever seen.
Posted By: JFM2796 (7/28/2011 10:15:42 PM)


This card is the definition of trolling. :(
Posted By: --Nate-- (12/13/2010 4:50:11 PM)


I want to build a deck with four of these cards, and name the deck "Magiception".

We have to go deeper.
Posted By: Totema (8/16/2011 1:48:23 PM)


I love this card. It's hilarious. I'd never put it into a competitive deck, but just thinking about the joy of Twincasting this makes the immature, annoying little kid in me shriek with delight.
Posted By: ratchet1215 (8/28/2009 10:28:26 AM)


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