B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster, Right Side)
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Standard seems more and more hellbent on destroying the irony of this card.
Posted By: DellamorteDellamore0 (2/17/2011 11:00:00 PM)


Starting hand right:
Swamp, Dark Ritual, Dark Ritual, Dark Ritual, Dark Ritual, Dark Ritual, Dark Ritual, Dark Ritual, B.F.M. Left Side, B.F.M. Right Side

Posted By: pedrodyl (7/4/2012 12:43:09 PM)


For 15 mana no problem...won't be able to get that out for awhile though...
Posted By: N84M09 (8/7/2009 11:23:41 PM)


brutal card
Posted By: Neutralion (11/3/2009 7:51:21 AM)


Why play him? Drop his right side in the graveyard, and play Umbra Stalker.
Posted By: Luke_BPC (9/22/2010 8:10:01 PM)


"Some call her the BFM. I call her my BFF.
That summer we grew closer and closer as we shared many a bowl of Thallid covered in the low-fat tears of our enemies.
But our adventure together began the night I implemented my intricate plot to steal from my demon master at the Hot Topic. As I stood in the parking lot revealing my ill-gotten loot: a Grumpy Cat belly tee, I saw the corners of her lips begin to turn upwards.
"Don't laugh," I squealed in protest, "Thalia picked it for me."
"How predictable." chuckled my BFF. But her chuckle soon turned to an uproar that shattered the Hel-mall. With that, our interests lie elsewhere..."

- Liliana Vess
Sisterhood of the Travelling Veil
Posted By: Guest392185251 (12/6/2013 8:10:18 AM)


This "2 in 1" card is meant for a Hard-Core Black deck.
Posted By: mtgranai101 (7/31/2009 8:13:58 PM)


Why is his right side have a higher rating than his left side?
Posted By: huthutha (3/16/2012 10:27:26 AM)


I love his Phyrexian Dreadnought earring!
Posted By: Magasul (11/10/2009 3:15:46 AM)


He needs Emrakul and Marit Lage eyebrow piercings.
Posted By: JackofAntioch (6/8/2011 7:46:07 AM)