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Nothing like turning Darksteel Forge and Akroma's Memorial into 9/9 and 7/7 creatures. Karn should eventually be made into a planeswalker, since he did create Mirrodin.
Posted By: Taltor (3/10/2010 6:46:12 PM)


Karn's overpowered. Bland 3/3's or 4/4's aren't much fun, though. That's where the Power Matrix comes in - bring your artifacts to life then give them +1/+1, flying, first strike, and trample. Better yet, play an Akroma's Memorial and bring *that* to life. Whenever I play that combo I basically win the game. (the Memorial also gives all your critters prot. from red and black, which are the traditional creature-destruction colours)
Posted By: DrPompousMD (12/2/2009 9:46:19 AM)


Fun fact:

This is the only Legendary Artifact Creature with NO color identity as a Commander.

Per new rulings, Bosh, Iron Golem is red, Memnarch is blue, and of course Sen Triplets and Sharuum, the Hegemon are colored anyway.

It's really a pity the new Colossus of Akros is not Legendary, it would have been the second one.
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (9/14/2013 1:53:29 PM)


This + Doran the Siege tower? Thanks muchly.
Posted By: Boday1 (9/15/2010 5:07:18 PM)


What with Mirrodin Besieged coming up, poor Arty Shovelhead, as nicknamed by Teferi, is welded onto a throne in the center of Mirrodin, insanely hearing voices and somehow in charge of the phyrexians. He is slightly resisting the corrupting affects of phyrexian oil, so whether he gets redeemed or not probably depends on who wins the war. I bet remembering "Jhoira is my friend" will snap him out of it, as that is something he said to himself every night for centuries.
Posted By: jsttu (1/19/2011 6:49:16 PM)


"Okay so ill destroy all of your moxes and turn my crucible, smokestack and wire into creature."
Posted By: metalworker (9/8/2009 2:18:51 PM)


I feel like you should be required to shout his name out at the top of your voice every time you play him. "KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN"
Posted By: Ogrillion (3/20/2010 12:37:28 AM)


Hmm. Karn is the only colorless legendary creature that would be a legal general in EDH. (The other two colorless legendary creatures, as of right now, are Memnarch and Bosh, both of which contain colored mana symbols that are not in their own mana costs, making them illegal for inclusion in their own decks! I may be misunderstanding that rule, of course.) I have just checked Gatherer and found that there are indeed enough lands bearing no colored mana symbols that it would be possible to support a fully-colorless EDH deck! Whee!
Posted By: 4227 (5/22/2009 9:58:27 PM)


He was created by the OG himself, Urza - Stroke of Genius. Later in life he was the protector of Gerrard Capashen and the legacy. Karndizzle is a pacifist and like his creator, a master artificer, his rules are fitting and very flavoursome.
Hard to kill, and a must for prison decks.
Posted By: KMcombine (5/8/2010 10:23:26 AM)


Posted By: daemonfrog (5/22/2010 8:24:26 AM)


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