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Fire Whip, meet infect.
Posted By: helluin (4/17/2011 3:10:12 PM)


Hmm... so I guess since Power of Fire can enchant another player's creature, it might be preferable in some cases if you're playing Two-Headed Giant or manage to flash it on an opponent's deathtouch creature during a turn where you've Mindslavered him?

Admittedly, that's quite a stretch.
Posted By: Gelzo (6/20/2011 9:17:09 PM)


I'm glad WotC updated the card so that its the creature that taps to do the damage, rather than the enchantment as it was originally printed. Pity the sacrifice damage is still done by the enchantment.

Oh, as far as fun cards to throw this on: any creature with Infect (Glistener Elf, Blight Mamba, Flensermite...), Sabertooth Cobra, and if you want to surprise someone, Nafs Asp. People underestimate the Asp until its their upkeep and they're facing 4 damage or losing 4 mana.
Posted By: yyukichigai (9/5/2011 4:11:48 PM)


I remember when I tried to make a red mill deck with these and Shocker's.

It did not go well.
Posted By: forumbrowser (5/28/2012 2:05:29 PM)


Fire whip + Apathy + Thieving Magpie/Scroll Thief =)
Posted By: Nokz04 (6/13/2012 3:50:57 PM)


Uh...Hello! Goblin Lackey !
Posted By: austinhyperdrive (12/6/2012 11:27:37 AM)


Lol at flavor
*Whips and doesn't kill
*Throws whip
Posted By: Lord_of_Gelectrodes (12/15/2012 10:24:16 AM)


I watched LSV put this on one of his opponent's tapped creatures in draft, and then sacrifice the aura to plink one of hits opponent's creatures. His reasoning for not enchanting his own guy was to avoid getting 2-for-1'd by a removal spell.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (12/28/2012 8:38:19 PM)


Mother of Runes hates this card.

1) Enchants a non-red creature, tap to deal one damage, Mother gives herself protection.
2) Sacrifice Fire Whip to deal one red damage, Mother dies.

Either way, she dies, owned. :D
Posted By: Cyberium (3/7/2013 5:19:06 PM)


Correct me if I'm wrong, but it bugs me that they changed the card to simplify the wording.

In the original printing, the ability was activated from the aura.
Which is why you can't put this on an opponent's creature, since then you could use it to tap that creature to deal one damage (thereby turning the activation cost into an advantage).

But now it gives the activated to the creature, using the Tap symbol. Which, as we know, means it can't be used by a creature with summoning sickness.
But previously you were able to tap a creature with summoning sickness. (Similar to how Azami can tap herself immediately for her ability).
Posted By: Mode (10/4/2013 2:32:21 PM)


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