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It's not a bad creature by any means. Unfortunately, it just gets overshadowed by everything else. Even in standard - the only format he'd really have a chance in - you're looking at at least Vengevines in the 4 mana spot. You'd definitely be going at least GR or GW if you wanted to play him - in GW alone you'd also be running Fauna Shaman, Knight of the Reliquary, Dauntless Escort, Noble Hierarch, and if you really wanted another creature at 4+ mana you'd probably put in either Ranger of Eos to fuel Vengevine or Thornling. In GR you'd be running Birds, Cunning Sparkmage, Bloodbraid Elf, and again, Thornling would take precedence.

It's a similar case as Serra Angel - by no means a bad card, but it won't ever see constructed play again due to the existence of Baneslayer Angel.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (8/24/2010 5:41:11 AM)


There IS a format where guys like this can matter:

The money-matters-to-me format.

Vengevine makes this guy unplayable?
I've got $119 saved that says you're wrong.
Posted By: reapersaurus (3/22/2011 11:41:30 PM)


cool card..a turn before it comes into play you should be able to play a woolly thoctar...BAM! next turn you'll be attacking with 2 fatties for 10 potential damage...

But the only thing that makes me worry about this card is its toughness.. 3? its still in reach for most burn spells like incinerate,lash out, flame javelin..but its still a nice card.
Posted By: wo0zie (2/12/2009 3:38:32 PM)


Might I suggest Orcish Lumberjack for your red permanent?
Posted By: llirreh (6/6/2011 10:09:16 PM)


Trace of Abundance anyone? beaucse of this guy nd with little help form wolly thoctar and marisi's twinclaws i came i first plce last fridy night.
Posted By: nineyears (6/4/2009 6:36:32 AM)


For Four mana you too can own your very own 5/3 beatstick, optional features include lifelink if you have kept a white card out this long and haste if you have a red one. And ignore your friends who show you incinerate and laugh, this card is cool!!

actually... a 5/3 with no abilities for 4 is about standard... so the abilities actually put him into the cost effective category, though I'd much rather have haste then life link with him...
Posted By: Atrues (4/27/2009 4:33:12 PM)


Oh Man My Second Favorite Card In The Set( Gotta Love Path To Exile) First Of All Some Of The Best Art Ever And Rhinos Freaking Rule Plus With Figures Of Destinies And Wooly Thoctars This Guy Is The Perfect Set Up Man Plus Not Many Great 4 Drops Out There Right Now Asides From A Tower Gargoyle Though Hes Dependent On Other Permanents Which Is Super Risky Just Ask LureBound Scarecrow This Guy Is Great Cuz I Love LifeLink
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (5/7/2009 10:00:58 PM)


although it's still got a low toughness, and can be destroyed by anyone's bag of efficient removal, this card just got better with the printing of passed prosperity
Posted By: mista_sox (4/24/2009 8:05:22 PM)


this is the best incinerate bait
Posted By: inmypants22 (8/24/2009 8:29:58 PM)


Excellent ability, shame about its toughness....
Posted By: Gomorrah (12/27/2009 9:04:50 PM)