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A strong piece of equipment in any deck featuring landfall. This thing is cumulative with any existing bonuses, so you're Baloth Woodcrasher just got an additional +2/+2 for virtually no cost.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/12/2010 3:50:46 AM)


Awesome card. Am I the only one who thinks the entire Zendikar block is amazing?
Posted By: benegade (9/3/2010 6:48:56 AM)


This little thing is really awesome. In Boros Landfall and RDW with a heavy landfall base, this card wins games. Don't even get me started on him with Spikeshot Elder.
Posted By: orangesuitcases (11/2/2010 2:25:39 PM)


Goblin Gaveleer says hello.
Posted By: Mitigate (12/2/2010 4:38:32 AM)


With fetching, this can be lethal...
Posted By: Bursama (12/14/2010 10:39:29 AM)


Great with fetch-lands, and especially great with landfall creatures. It goes like this:

1st turn: plains, steppe lynx
2nd turn: adventuring gear, lotus petal, equip, fetch land, plains, equipped lynx now 8/9. attack!

This train is winning tournaments, and not just T2. It is a powerhouse if played in the right deck. At first, I didn't see its true value, but this card is awesome in some decks. 4.5/5.

Could someone explain why this card is rated so low? It is winning far more tournaments than Explorer's Scope (rated at 4.39).
Posted By: feeble2002 (1/6/2011 10:36:00 PM)


Let's stick it into Valakut Ramp and go on an adventure.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (1/20/2011 12:04:02 AM)


Apparently infect creatures enjoy adventuring.
Posted By: tcollins (3/4/2011 8:15:04 PM)


@ PLUM: very good selection of creature cards to run this with (i.e Kitesail Apprentice). It helps me out I was looking for inexpensive flying creatures for this.
Posted By: pm11 (3/20/2011 3:58:48 PM)


Green is full of creatures and effects that allow you to put additional lands in play to the usual one-a-turn limit. Use this in such a deck.
With Harrow you could have this on some 1/1 weenie and be suddenly swinging at someone with a 7/7 on third turn.
Posted By: jfre81 (5/25/2011 5:27:58 AM)