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I remember this being one of those cards that you get bored reading before you figure out if it's any good or not.
Posted By: Lavrant (5/26/2011 8:03:16 AM)


So far, eh, looks OK. Some fun with using it as a sorta mini ramp over a turn. Tossed it in an EDH deck for the laughs. My goal will be to proliferate it once and voltaic key it to get 2X mana once. Why? Because I can. Nothing special, might be broken if it didn't cost 4 and do nothing when you play it.
Posted By: TheLastGasp (6/13/2011 9:49:09 AM)


The only thing that I ever saw this used for was for casting an X spell (say...Fireball) over two turns.

@reapersaurus - Knowledge Pool isn't all that confusing...basically, when you cast a spell, you can auto-cast a spell that was exiled by the Pool itself when it came into play. Say you exile a Piston Sledge, a Spidersilk Net, and a Norn's Annex; your opponent hit only three lands. When you cast a spell, you exile that spell (once it resolves, I believe) and can then cast one of the spells (either of the equipment or the Annex). If you manage to cast three spells that turn, your opponent can't get anything from the Pool.
Posted By: Alsebra (6/19/2011 1:30:42 AM)


That's not how Knowledge pool works.

When it comes in play, the top 3 cards from each library go into the pool.
Whenever anyone casts a spell, it goes into the pool and they may cast any other spell in the pool without paying its cost.

So, even if you cast 3 spells in one turn, those spells go into the pool and your opponent can cast spells to get anything already in the pool.
Posted By: AlcariTheMad (10/21/2011 3:30:15 PM)


Is this the longest text in a card?
Posted By: Lueseto (11/11/2011 1:41:21 PM)


It seems that if Ice Cauldron gets a charge counter from something else (like Energy Chamber), it can use that charge counter as normal. In effect, you could sink a huge amount of mana into the Cauldron only once, yet be able to access that mana for every spell on the Cauldron. Plus, you can sink mana from Vedalken Engineer and Grand Architect into it!

Of course, you couldn't exile any more spells after loading it with mana (the new X would overwrite the old), and it takes two tappings per spell, unless you have a way to get rid of charge counters (like Power Conduit) or a way to untap it (like Fatestitcher).

In the end, it's probably not worth the effort, but it's a cool concept. At the very least, it's a cool way to evade discard spells, possibly your own discard spells (like Vision Skeins).
Posted By: Ragamander (12/26/2011 4:48:20 AM)


Hmmm, I think I'd rather decipher Primer than read that again.
Posted By: magicpablo666 (1/5/2012 7:03:20 PM)


So listen to this: if you get multiple charge counters onto it, you can untap the Ice Cauldron to turn more than one of them into mana in a single turn. For untapping, I was thinking Voltaic Key or Tezzeret the Seeker, or Twiddle's Grip on a more one-time-use basis. For multiple charge counters, I was thinking Doubling Season, but your idea was better. You didn't mention Power Conduit or Coretapper, though.

So yeah, sink 6-8 mana into it with Vedalken Engineers and Grand Architects to drop your X-cost win-mechanism of choice into the cauldron, dump a bunch of charge counters on it however you want, then use a couple of untappers to get all the charge counters from it in one turn to blow your opponents... (see all)
Posted By: OneFishTwoFish (2/8/2012 9:34:33 PM)


my brain hurt's...
Posted By: mono_blue_forever (9/8/2012 9:02:18 PM)


Nothing really you can do with it?!? Just a deep freezer?!?

Guys, Guys! This is Mana storage as well!

Turn 4, exile a Slime Molding with 4 mana. Turn 5, cast that Slime Molding with the 4 from Ice Cauldron, and add the 5 available to you this turn. Bang! 5-drop 9/9.
Posted By: AeroSigma (10/5/2012 2:12:22 PM)