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I like this little guy a lot.

With Hellspark Elemental rotating out of Standard soon, I easily see this little dude filling up the 2CMC slot in RDW decks. Plus, he's a Goblin that blows himself up, just like the Goblins of old. That alone makes him awesome.
Posted By: ByGoblinsBeDriven (7/10/2010 8:30:16 PM)


Mogg Fanatic, meet your long-lost big brother.
Posted By: chinkeeyong (7/9/2010 3:03:06 AM)


Looks like PETA got all lovey-dovey with Coalhauler Swine and goblin slaves are just gonna have to do.
But yeah, look. Its a really good card.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/11/2010 8:44:09 AM)


I wanna play with this card competitively but I just don't see myself playing it.
Posted By: KnockK (7/8/2010 9:49:58 PM)


All good MTG players must have solemn respect for goblins. Its the unwritten code. Its not the same with any other tribe not even Elves (This is coming from a ma$$ive Elf fan) :)

PS Legacy is the Best (The widest range of cards without the weirdness of vintage)
Posted By: MDStrawHat (7/14/2010 12:04:47 AM)


Versatile in mono red. Effective with a spitfire.
Posted By: A0602 (7/8/2010 6:03:46 PM)


I have a question.

If you equipped a Quietus Spike to him, and then used his effect, would the damage still benefit from the Spike? I'm unsure because you have to sac him to do the damage, and him leaving the field would mean that any Equipment on him would become detached.
Posted By: Diachronos (8/30/2010 5:03:04 AM)


This is my friend's best answer to my Squadron Hawk deck I use. It's not quite caw-blade, but it generally gets the job done, and this stops it easy. Plus, it can go off right when it drops.
Posted By: Woozly (5/29/2011 3:58:57 PM)


This lowly little uncommon has ousted Kargan Dragonlord,( a mythic rare!) out of the turn 2 slot for mono-red in standard.

Posted By: lorendorky (6/15/2011 10:08:27 PM)


"I am the night."
Posted By: TheBringer (6/22/2013 11:50:12 PM)


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