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A card with good flavor, though i do'nt get the name...^^
Posted By: Crabby (6/26/2009 9:01:52 AM)


Can somebody please tell me where it says "You gain life equal to the damage dealt to you this turn." on ANY version of this card? I haven't found a single one representing this ability, yet it's stated everywhere on the internet. How am I supposed to convince my opponent that this is the case?
Posted By: Hopgoblin (6/7/2011 4:16:32 AM)


"Sanguine Bond! Souls of the Faultless! Tainted Sigil!" Screamed the Johnny within me. And then I built a white/black deck.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (8/28/2012 8:30:12 PM)


I saw no "rules" discussion on this card.

However, it seems to me you can cast this
card without having a creature in play.

It also seems to me, that you can use this
with say Sanguine Bond to create a reverse

Posted By: QuietMarketer (12/25/2009 10:41:18 AM)


Boo @ functional errata.
Posted By: NeoMint (10/21/2011 12:06:40 PM)


No need for Cho-Manno; this card combos with any creature that has Pro: Black.
Posted By: Fermidirac (1/9/2012 10:12:48 PM)


@Fermidirac : simulacrum can't target a creature with protection from black, so there's no synergy.
Posted By: Nouth (4/8/2012 7:20:13 AM)


The damage is still done to you over the course of the turn. Once you play this card it adds up all the damage you acquired since the last Beginning Phase (Untap, Upkeep, Draw). You GAIN the life from the damage you took. You had to take the damage for this to be affected. The only way to "retroactively apply" it would be for you to GAIN it back. Then all the added up damage is sent down to the creature targeted. If after this spell resolves, your opponent targeted you with Shock, you still receive this damage, and subsequently lose of life.
Posted By: applecorn (8/3/2012 5:27:45 PM)


Damage prevention isn't something you see a lot of in black, so this gets points from me right away. If nothing else, it makes for a makeshift Fog.

It was a must have in my old early black decks, but it's probably unplayable now.
Posted By: JasonPaul601 (12/1/2012 10:19:48 PM)


Huzzah, creative and abusable rewording!
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (4/11/2013 7:52:01 AM)


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