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I'm also new to the game as well and I would like to know if once this card has copied another card, am I able to use it in the next turn or do I have to use it right away?
Posted By: JakeBlack1 (8/7/2012 11:21:03 PM)


@CorkBulb: Someone else responded to you about the Hellkite/army of tokens situation, but I wanted to respond to your Time Stretch comment.

Time Stretches grant extra turns in the reverse order of their resolution. So if you resolve a Time Stretch, then I resolve a Time Stretch, I get the extra turns before you do.

So if I cast Time Stretch, then you Reverberate it, yours resolves first, then mine resolves, and I still get the two extra turns before you do, and chances are, I'm going to win before you ever see those two extra turns.

Now, a Redirected Time Stretch is gonna flip some tables.
Posted By: Callahan09 (10/24/2013 12:36:17 PM)


fwiw, this card is basically on the reserve list, hoard your copies while you can.
Posted By: The_AC (4/25/2014 3:35:16 PM)


Pact of the Titan anyone?
Posted By: moanimus (8/27/2012 8:45:34 AM)


so, what happens if im holding one Cackling Flames, and one of these, can i copy the cackling flames before it resolves, and get double hellbent?
Posted By: NoFace22 (9/12/2012 11:15:10 AM)


Must construct additional fireballs
Posted By: swords_to_exile (10/9/2012 5:15:27 PM)


This card is one of my absolute favorite underrated cards to run for 2 big reasons. 1 no one sees it coming, and 2 its the closest thing to countermagic that red has.

Everyone ive spoken to in the past about this card has compared it to Increasing Vengeance, decided that it was made inferior by IV and ended the conversation at that. To the people comparing this card to IV i have some advice read both again, and if youve read them both and still dont see what i mean i will give you a hint, IV has 2 little words in its de***ion that SEVERELY limit its capabilities and give reverberate a significant edge. "You control" Reverberate lacks these words and can therefore copy ANY sorcery or instant spell regaurdless of the spells controller. Guess what, your red / Red/black deck just learned a myriad of new tricks that include (but are not limited to) countermagic, enchantment destruction, mill, etc etc etc.

In all honesty i could go on for days about how severely underrated this ca... (see all)
Posted By: fortehluls (10/15/2012 2:27:49 PM)


My friends (hereafter referred to as D and M) and I were playing a three-person game and D got a Stuffy Doll out and was using it to keep M's attackers at bay.

My deck only used one large attacker at a time so I didn't want to just obliterate M to swing into the doll again the next turn. Neither M nor I had an answer to the doll in our decks, but he made a truce not to attack me if I could get rid of the doll.

The next turn D cast Revoke Existence on one of M's equipments and I Reverberated it onto the doll.

Reverberate: giving your red deck answers you didn't know it needed since M11.
Posted By: tankthebest (12/15/2012 7:13:55 PM)


This card gives me hope that I can still make Grixis control work in Innistrad-RTR standard. There's no telling how many times I've copied an opponent's Sphinx's Revelation or one of my own Slaughter Games to deal with all of the roadblocks floating around right now.
Posted By: ThePinkBaron (1/2/2013 4:06:29 PM)


"Oh, neat spell."
"Does it resolve?"
"Yes, but...me too."
Posted By: Totema (1/19/2013 12:52:34 AM)


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