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While true that (as printed) it only affected blue interrupts and not instants, that's not too narrow practically speaking. Interrupts were used for "faster-than-fast effects" such as a counterspells, which are really blue's bread and butter. While most blue player will pay the life to keep at least one counterspell, it can really narrow down their options.
Posted By: longwinded (7/26/2010 2:15:03 PM)


Excellent as a second turn drop against {U} control if you went first.

Otherwise it's just counter bait =/
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/5/2011 11:06:37 PM)


Cuba Gooding Jr.
Posted By: Aglamm (12/20/2011 7:57:04 AM)


"There's a black guy in the art, who looks like other black guys!"

Posted By: Salient (1/27/2013 11:55:58 AM)


5/5 for just the art!
Posted By: Bubmeister (1/29/2013 9:01:34 PM)


Situationally good card. As with most color hating cards, this can be improved vastly with Painter's Servant (naming {U}).
Posted By: tcollins (1/25/2014 7:38:18 PM)


Opponent sideboards this in to punish your all spell blue control deck.

You: "Ok, well since my hand is all blue instants, counterspell"
Posted By: SavageK2 (1/26/2014 12:09:04 AM)