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Ugh, these on their own were ok, if not a slightly tricky way to generate colorless mana due to coming in tapped and needing multiples to get ahead. Vesuva made it much better. Glimmerpost put it into the category of quite viable. And now Thespian's Stage has just made it silly. 16 post? It was fine at 8, good at 12, and now is ridiculous at 16.

For the record, if you were to have all 16 Locus-able lands out, you'd be able to generate 196 mana. Just from lands. Absurd! With a Glimmerpost and 3 'Cloudposts' out, that's 13 mana on turn 4. Turn 4 hard cast Ulamog from lands alone. >.>

For a normal 16 post build... 4x Cloudpost, 4x Glimmerpost, 4x Vesuva and 4x Thespian's Stage. Leaving ~8 or so other lands up to you; Deserted Temple is pretty good in that if you have a Cloudpost generating at least 3 mana, Deserted Temple will ultimately tap for 2. For the other 4 - plenty of options. Reliquary Tower for hand size, Wasteland for land destruction, Tower of the Magistrate to deal with equ... (see all)
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (3/8/2013 2:14:54 AM)


Banned in Pauper. Good riddance. People who want tons of mana should turn to Urzatron now.
Posted By: Continue (9/15/2013 9:02:08 PM)


Ok people, listen up very carefully: you can't change a creature's type to Locus because Locus is not a creature type, it's a land type!
Posted By: androkguz (9/22/2010 12:58:44 PM)


amulet of vigor, scapeshift
Posted By: don_miguel (5/3/2010 9:52:20 AM)


Aw man, they just announced new Locus mana for Scars. Makes this card even better!
Posted By: Ryney (9/17/2010 8:43:04 AM)


After seeing 2 hits of Locus in the worldwake orb, I invested $2 into a playset of these. Only time will tell if that 2 dollar investment will pay off.
Posted By: klaff (1/16/2010 7:04:33 AM)


@ Donovan_Fabian: what are you talking about? You can run four in a deck which means you can have one producing 4 colorless and all 4 producing a total of 16. Combo with four Vesuva to get 8 colorless per tap, and 64 total. Also if you're running these in a deck with a splash of blue then you can combo with Mistform Wakecaster use 2nd ability and get even more. Basically this card owns especially because of the new emergence of colorless eldrazi. Also if you aren't too big on using fat creatures then you can just do the same thing, get a splash of red and Blaze or Fireball or Comet Storm for an insta-win. Or if you're a green user, Stream of Life. No doubt that this card has other uses that i haven't thought of and even with the ones that i've just listed i think it still deserves the 5/5.
Posted By: ChampionofSquee (4/12/2010 4:29:09 PM)


Having 4 of THIS and a Vesuva can result in a turn 4 Spawnsire of Ulamog and a turn 5 second Spawnsire ability!!!

Cloudpost makes a completely colorless deck happy.
Posted By: 001010011100101110 (7/15/2010 6:26:19 PM)


Awesome combo!

4 Cloudpost + 4 Glimmerpost + 4 Vesuva for 100 colorless mana, then use Mox Lotus for one mana of ANY COLOR!
Posted By: SwordOfKaldra (5/29/2011 2:37:30 AM)


hmm, 4 Cloudpost, 4 Glimmerpost, and 4 Vesuva...
Posted By: Alicanto (9/18/2010 12:56:45 PM)