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"Are you Teferi's Puzzle Box, because I wanna put my hand on your bottom."
Posted By: DacenOctavio (7/9/2013 8:48:15 PM)


Card draw happens first
Posted By: Qazior (9/16/2009 8:28:16 AM)


Combine this with Niv-Mizzet and the innumerable combos that you can with around this with him and things get really interesting.
It is a creative card that is just fun to have in play and usually causes people to give you a look when you use it. Though I do prefer the original Vision's art myself.
Posted By: Ukkmaster (5/12/2011 5:00:51 AM)


Jace's Erasure. 'Nuff said.
Posted By: RKay (9/7/2010 10:28:58 AM)


Amazing in my Maralen of the Mornsong commander deck. ;)
Posted By: SinForSanity (11/24/2011 10:10:07 PM)


YES! YES! Teferi's puzzle box! Now this is a card! It puts the fun in Mafungic: the Gathering. I love this card. Twists the rules, comborific, and simple.
Posted By: sweetestsadist (2/5/2009 3:21:07 AM)


What happens if there is a howling mine on the field
Posted By: DrBirkin (11/27/2010 4:43:11 PM)


@Megrimage, Guest1868954347,
Chains of Mephistopheles would leave to a rather dull game. Nothing further would happen, from your hands. You would start your turn, Untap Upkeep Draw. During Draw you'd take the top card of your library and say "oh yes, needed this!" Then proceed to using the Puzzle Box. Count the cards now in your hand (X from last turn +1 just drew). Place all these, on the bottom of your library and then ... because it's no longer your first card per turn ... Chains would be used. You cannot discard a card to allow drawing, your hand is empty, so your top card goes into your graveyard. This is preformed for the remainder X cards. Main phase, nothing to cast proceed to abilities. Combat and 2nd Main phase. Good news; don't have to worry about discarding during your endstep. This would be spun around until you or opponent milled out. Though for placing grave-user now in proper zone, could still pull them out ... unless oops, Grafdigger's Cage/auto... (see all)
Posted By: applecorn (7/26/2013 12:41:54 AM)


Notion Thief loves solving puzzles.
Posted By: IndubitableSalmon (1/15/2014 3:10:28 AM)


One of the most fun cards in magic. Combo with Underworld Dreams to cause a great deal of trouble.
Posted By: Tilon13 (11/22/2008 1:24:52 AM)


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