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Definitley an amazing card. :D
Posted By: Dragonsamaze4 (5/24/2013 2:17:00 PM)


Wonderful card, absolutely wonderful. Although saprolings are my favorite token spammer I have mixed feelings about this card. As mentioned previously this card would make a good EDH general and based on its mana cost and ability's speed it seems to fit that niche nicely since that's what the format revolves around - bombs like Rith. Removal is common in almost any format so the idea is to play "investment cards" which make removal less likely. Darksteel Plate and Lightning Greaves are 2 I see in almost every EDH deck which make your general less prone to removal, however as I said to other posts on other cards removal is a poor excuse to say a card is bad. To me it's drawbacks are circumstantial. In context of non-EDH based decks this card is not very useful unless you're running some sort of ramp like Birds of Paradise or Llanowar Elves so you can turn 3 Pandemonium followed by tu... (see all)
Posted By: Quantumbiologist (1/6/2014 3:28:07 PM)


The thing is, if you are getting damage through with a 6 CMC tri-dragon... I can do more with else. At that point I should have won. Making 1200 saprolings or something like that is fun and cool, but not really as good as, oh, making them discard their hand, bouncing their board, killing them outright, et cetera. Rith is the win-moreist of the whole win-more dragon cycle.
Posted By: BegleOne (2/20/2014 3:29:32 PM)


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