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This card is the reason my girlfriend plays magic.., she never paid much attention to it when i was playing and then one day i "splurged" on a booster deck and there it was!! and so the relationship grew!! ps her name is chandra haha
Posted By: NigelB (5/25/2011 11:09:14 AM)


Chandra's Spitfire + Cinder Pyromancer + Burn Spells = Evil

Posted By: smileys (2/6/2011 12:02:23 PM)


for flavor text alone it gets a extra 2 stars but the ability is awsome i can just think about ways to abuse this.
Posted By: 18scsc (10/8/2010 12:36:20 PM)


mdakw576 has it about right. I prefer this over the kiln fiend because burning the player while attacking him/her as well ends the game quicker. Kiln Fiend needs evasion, like goblin tunneler.
Flying is very convenient. I'm not saying it is completely unblockable, but it is better than nothing!

by the way, the 3 toughness has relevance; it can survive a volcanic fallout, adding to the amount of strategy available.
Posted By: Edrocks006 (7/9/2010 8:11:04 AM)


This card, Kiln Fiend, and Wee Dragonauts would all work nicely with Goblin Tunneler if you make them unblockable then make them bigger.
Posted By: TreeTrunkMaster (7/10/2010 10:41:11 AM)


With raid bombardment out, it will always get at least one buff.
Posted By: magicfreak39178 (7/10/2010 10:44:17 AM)


I had this guy in the pre-release with triskelion..all I can say, is block him or this happens:
Ping you for one, pump dude,
Ping you for one, pump dude
Ping you for one, pump dude
Take 13.
Next game?
Posted By: Guest541195372 (7/11/2010 7:26:58 PM)


This is pretty good.
This is going into my izzet fiend deck.
Posted By: UltimaCenturion (7/12/2010 11:21:35 AM)


this can grow really big in a burn/pinger deck. i can see great potential in this... i can totally see Cinder Pyromancer, Cunning Sparkmage, Vithian Stinger and this card all in one deck. throw in a couple of deathtouch cards for more flavor (such as Gorgon Flail and Basilisk Collar) and you're set to pwn.
Posted By: Wratharrow (7/14/2010 11:19:06 PM)


This will be in extended at the same time as Pyrohemia... All you need is a way to make it indestructible so Pyrohemia doesn't kill it.
Posted By: Magyrato (7/22/2010 2:05:21 PM)