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I disagree. Once you've gotten used to the MTGO controls, fireball works just fine, and as it is meant to.
Granted, new players sometimes accidentally tap before clicking the card, and cast it with X=0. That's not too different from play mistakes you make in paper, though.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (9/12/2011 2:12:12 AM)


Works so well with my Eldrazi Spawn token deck, just pumps out the colorless mana for one massive turn of destruction, along with Raid Bombardment.
Posted By: Igooog (9/13/2011 4:01:36 PM)



You said "he had 3 creatures out, 2 of which were bears. i played this, tapped 1 for each bear, 3 for the other creature, and burned him for the rest"

I would like to know how you can send 3 damage to a third creature when fireball states: Fireball deals X damage EVENLY, rounded down, among any number of target creatures and/or players.

So in your scenario, by splitting the damage three ways, 1 damage to each bear, and 1 damage to the third creature would have been dealt by the wording of Fireball.
Posted By: Cqis (9/27/2011 1:17:33 AM)



I think he is saying that he used 1 mana to split the fireball to target (and kill) the bears and letting the rest of the damage be assigned evenly to the remaining two targets, but he technically didn't have to spend any extra mana to target the Phantasmal Bears because targets of Fireball are chosen before any additional costs are paid. This would kill any of the M12 illusions immediately.

Technically, you could wipe out an entire field of Phantasmal Bears, Phantasmal Dragons, and Phantasmal Images with a Fireball and one red mana.
Posted By: five0ate (10/4/2011 2:13:32 PM)


KitaFer, the use of Fireball is that you can kill multiple enemy creatures using a single card of your own. That's card advantage.

Or, of course, you can use it like any other Blaze variant: A variable amount of damage to kill a creature, or to dump a whole bunch of mana into it to end the game. It's that flexibility that makes it great.
Posted By: sonorhC (10/16/2011 10:40:53 PM)


classic card and is still decent not tournament worthy but still good
Posted By: nope.avi (10/24/2011 11:36:35 AM)


If you choose 0 as the number of targets, you lose the game.
Posted By: htgtmd (11/21/2011 2:12:45 PM)


quick question. might seems a bit awkward but due to this cards use of any number of targets. could i split the damage at the same target. effectively targeting it multiple times. getting around a spellskite partially without a larger mana / life investment or procing my own livewire lash. I am trying to swing it as a Seeds of Strength
Posted By: fencediddy (1/21/2012 11:09:32 AM)


A classic as always. I wouldn't mind some new art, though. This one is getting a bit stale.
Posted By: wstonefi (2/19/2012 9:53:05 PM)


I would like to see a reprint with the original art, maybe with a more saturated color. It would be fantastic!

However, great card, it can delivery card advantage with a lot of mana or can delivery quite a lot of damages without much effort, but without the ability that
Red Sun's Zenith
Devil's Play
(just to name a few)
give you.
A classic and flavourful card.

@ Rahnzan:
I suggest you to use Pyroclasm or Earthquake cards for that kind of job, because they are more efficient, but if you want versatility Fireball can be a nice choise. You can split the damages, or point all of them at a single creature or, belive it, a player! Its power is that it gives you options. Of course there are situationally better cards, but you can say it about everything in Magic, but at the end you have about 40 nonland car... (see all)
Posted By: leomistico (2/22/2012 3:58:42 AM)