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I was playing a game of EDH today, my friend played Treachery on my Kilnmouth Dragon, and i played Karrthus next turn. Which effect takes precedence? I'm inclined to believe Karrthus would, but the counter argument is equally valid. Was thinking to pick the collective brains of the interwebs on this issue
Posted By: IronDragon (6/25/2010 10:50:33 PM)


In short, because your effect resolved after his, your effect overwrites his effect and you control the Kilnmouth. For a more detailed explanation, if you're curious, read rules section 613.

By the same token, if, after you played Karrthus, your opponent played another control spell on either of your two dragons, they would control that dragon because their new effect is now the most recent.
Posted By: Flyheight (8/1/2010 2:58:50 PM)


OH! It doesn't ever give the dragons back!

Posted By: ultratog1028 (8/19/2010 9:13:56 AM)


Dang what a pretty card.... i just cant seem to use this guy to his full potential
Posted By: awd91 (8/26/2010 9:19:48 PM)


Why is this rated so low? 7 cmc for a 7/7 flying haste? And he takes control of all dragons even after he dies. Wow.
Posted By: divine_exodus (9/26/2010 2:53:36 PM)


this is a very good card, but if the enemy kills it and they have Liliana Vess, you are completely screwed. but this is great if the enemy can only fly with other dragons.
Posted By: Elfie (10/30/2010 12:59:19 PM)


For those of us who still play Dragonstorm decks like it's 2006, this guy is a must-have. If your opponent has 21+ life and you can't blow him out with 4x Bogardan Hellkite, the 27 damage that follows during the combat step should end the game.
Posted By: Troutz (11/27/2010 11:56:42 AM)


My favourite thing to do with Karrthus is play him in something that is quite clearly not a dragon deck. I keep him sideboarded, and if I find a dragon lover, this is a surprise faceslap he'll never see coming.
Posted By: DysprosiumJudas (2/20/2011 3:35:17 PM)


My favorite Dragonstorm

Kokusho, Kokusho, Bogardan, Bogardan, Karrthus (In two headed giant)

Posted By: K9black (3/22/2011 1:52:32 PM)


I have a deck with Leyline of Anticipation and Defense of the Heart, along with other things. Slide in Defense of the Heart at end of turn, and during upkeep search up Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund and, say, Blightsteel Colossus. Then with Karrthus's dragon stealing ability on the stack cast Standardize, steal all critters and swing with all the nasty hasted dragons. I win.
Posted By: Guest1248743730 (3/31/2011 3:05:06 PM)