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Strictly less creative then every other Zenith. This is why I dislike red.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (2/24/2013 10:17:34 AM)


Great card. Drawing it early or late is fine since you can just ping something and shuffle it back into your library. I run it alongside Thunderous Wrath and the ubiquitous Lightning Bolt.

Posted By: Smoke_Stack (3/2/2013 8:39:41 AM)


In Limited, it's a very useful tool. VERY useful.

In Standard Constructed until October 2011, the question is whether it's better than the much-higher-total-damage-yielding (and also instant-speed) Comet Storm. Red Sun's Zenith's best selling point is that it grants Mono-Red the ability to permanently dispose of a Vengevine.

In Extended Constructed, the question is whether it can possibly compare to Banefire. Answer: It can't.

In Legacy/Vintage Constructed, it's irrelevant. Banefire would be better anyways, since it can't be countered.

In Casual Constructed, it's strictly better than Disintegrate, which is an old-school staple, and therefore PRETTY COOL STUFF. But it's a rare, making it less accessible than Disintegrate, Fireball, and Blaze.

As a rare, it should really be an instant, and i... (see all)
Posted By: Ragamander (1/30/2011 1:56:41 AM)


This is nothing compared to the flavorful, powerful Green Suns Zenith. Second worst out of the Zeniths besides Blue Sun
Posted By: Demonic_Math_Tutor (1/30/2011 11:27:54 PM)


Lava Burst
Kaervek's Torch
Ghitu Fire

Was this really necessary? Wasn't there anything more interesting to do with a red zenith?
Posted By: PrimeSonic (1/31/2011 9:22:10 AM)


Surprisingly relevant. At the prerelease I usually cast it to take down a myr or something (turn two ramp destruction) but you can always scale it up to permanently dispose of a regenerating vengevine (got your intrest now right?) or burn the other player.
Posted By: TPmanW (1/31/2011 6:20:47 PM)


Amazing in limited where any direct damage is golden and in a 40-card deck you're likely to see it twice.

More or less just another red X damage spell in constructed. Better than Blaze but lacks the flexibility of Fireball and the regeneration killing ability of Disintegrate (which might even have killed indestructible if it existed when the card was first made).
Posted By: Nighthawk42 (2/2/2011 5:52:49 AM)


At prerelease my opponent pulled 2 or these in his opening hand. He took out my Salvage Scout then my Goblin Wardriver. He shuffles and I cut his deck. He topdecks Red Sun again and on his turn 5 he takes out my Molten-Tail Masticore.

Playing R/W aggro with pretty much no board on turn 5 feels abysmal >.<
Posted By: Wraique (2/9/2011 1:17:38 AM)


It should exile players too :P
Posted By: Feralsymphony (2/11/2011 9:04:49 PM)


Like this has not been done before wizards...
Posted By: ajpinton (2/15/2011 6:07:41 PM)