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This is a game-winner, if you slap it on an indestructible creature like Phylactery Lich. Even better, give it trample or some sort of evasion and ensure that your opponent will never even get his mana curve back up.
Posted By: Joseph_Leito (7/8/2011 11:10:58 AM)


Use with things like Cudgel Troll that can regenerate for cheap costs, also the umbra cycle from Rise of Eldrazi will help your critters stick around. Shame it doesn't work with Eldrazi Monument (since the monument is destroy the same time the creatures would be and once the monument is gone creatures go too). Maybe Ezuri, Renegade Leader?
Posted By: tcollins (7/11/2011 5:59:00 PM)


The creatures are INDESTRUCTIBLE when the effect resolves THUS!, only the monument is destroyed, along with anything else that isn't indestructible.
Check your rulings again.
Posted By: Teakon (7/24/2011 3:32:39 PM)


I REALLY want to use this but have never gotten a chance for it to go off. I stuck it on a Darksteel Colossus once, didn't get to go off because it got exiled. Stuck it on an Insatiable Souleater, didn't get to go off because the enemy made combat damage taken from toughness instead of power. Stuck it on Phylactery Lich, didn't get to go off because they blocked. Had TWO in play, each stuck on a Knight Exemplar, and it didn't get to go off because their power still wasn't enough. I was even desperate enough to stick it on a bloody Ornithopter with Darksteel Plate and Darksteel Axe. Didn't get to go off because the enemy had flying. Hilarious thought though, a little Ornithopter clad in Darksteel Plate too big for it, dangling a Darksteel Axe and the mother****ing Worldslayer dangling precariously from a winch. Hra... (see all)
Posted By: Varrel (8/12/2011 1:05:52 AM)


Come on people Knight Exemplar and Puresteel Paladin. If i was building the deck it would be blue white with clone and Phyrexian Metamorph to copy the knight exemplar. Master's call to get metalcraft at instant speed. it could work.
Posted By: klieb (7/10/2011 6:14:04 PM)





Posted By: n0odleex (7/25/2011 2:02:49 PM)


Pulled this from my first M2012 booster. Need to pick up a few pieces for my knight deck with Knight Exemplar now. God, people are gonna hate this, but oh well.

Without using indestructible creatures, you can use Cold Storage or, in white, Oblivion Ring and/or Journey to Nowhere to have survivors after this thing goes off.
Posted By: jfre81 (8/10/2011 4:52:53 AM)


bitter ordeal

you don't have to mill them to death, all you have to do is take out all their creatures or win-cons.
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (8/17/2011 1:09:33 PM)


I want to build an 'Eschatology' theme deck with Worldslayer, Jokulhaups, Nevinyrral's Disk, and Armageddon.
Posted By: eataTREE (10/6/2011 3:35:46 PM)



What about Goblin Fireslinger?

This says combat damage dude.
Posted By: shadmed (7/11/2011 1:26:23 PM)


I got this in a trade for cheap because "It's not gonna get reprinted"

Joke's on them :P
Posted By: ThisisSakon (7/7/2011 6:13:13 PM)


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