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flavortext is perfect:D
Posted By: rawsugar (3/31/2011 8:38:19 AM)


This card is underrated by some who say things like "His power/toughness depend on something else. Bad." However, having cards in hand is something that also directly helps the player. Just need enough drawing power. It is a little overpriced though. I think 4 colorless would still be a fair cost, as it is vulnerable to artifact destruction, as well as the hand limit and the player will often want to play cards in their hand. For the same price you could get Batterskull.. I really think this should be a four cost.
Posted By: NuckChorris (6/27/2011 9:20:48 AM)



sorry dude but psychosis crawler dies when you use winds of change type effects as at some point during the spells resolution you have zero cards in hand and therefore psychosis crawler has zero toughness

it makes me wish for a lhurgoyf type thing where psychosis crawler would have 1 extra toughness so you could use those effects
Posted By: Flop_It_Out (7/6/2011 8:06:53 PM)


haha Krang. Stupid Turtles. Art Is Sick looks beast with Niv and fun in Draft
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (1/31/2011 10:07:51 AM)


Oh noe! It's Krang!

Well it's a Precon Rare like we know them: Constructed unplayable. Beside that it's a nice card for Casual.
Posted By: Vividice (1/28/2011 7:11:34 AM)


Curiosity has a good friend here
Posted By: Complexpants (3/4/2013 9:19:10 PM)


Equip Infiltration Lens, especially if you're using Venser's Journal. And if you want to go crazy and build a joke deck, Jace's Erasure with Bloodchief Ascension.

@thisisnotmyname are you sure the crawler doesn't die in the middle of Time Reversal? Might need to buff it up. Stick an eel umbra on it...?
Posted By: homicidalgecko (3/4/2011 3:11:12 AM)


Lorescale Coatl has a new partner in crime.
Posted By: RazzmatazzTheGreat (7/14/2011 10:52:29 AM)


Tamiyo, the Moon Sage.

Oh, yeah.
Posted By: dlgn (5/11/2012 2:28:18 PM)


I love him in my edh too. Infi-combo with curiosity and burn down everyone else

also, @Yozuk
It's probably more like he made a copy of his brain, put it in a bot, and sent it across the multiverse.
Posted By: Lord_of_Gelectrodes (9/14/2012 8:21:43 PM)