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Combo's with your Phage the Untouchable... badly.
Posted By: raptorman333 (3/13/2012 2:47:42 PM)


Use on ALL (or most) evoke creatures for the simple Booty-ass-donkey combos.
Posted By: M_E_T_A_L_LORD (3/24/2012 3:35:09 AM)


I plan on using it on Flametongue Kavu. The idea of blowing up a second critter, and getting a 5/3 is just too good to pass up.
Posted By: NeoKoda (3/31/2012 1:00:52 PM)


If you target a creature with undying, will it return to the battlefield with two +1/+1 counters on it?
Posted By: Conefed (4/8/2012 1:54:05 PM)


Contrast with Raise Dead.
Posted By: humor_love (4/27/2012 6:15:17 PM)


Underrated . Powerful.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (5/13/2012 9:25:32 PM)


Kills removal
Makes Evoke creatures rediculous
Self sac + Black garauntees the creature back AND the sac effect
nice blocking/in combat trick

I am interested about the interaction with persist. Would it return the creature without a -1/-1 if it had one already?

IMO all in all 5/5
Posted By: Amorgan (5/20/2012 11:01:30 PM)


Phyrexian Dreadnought says 13/13 is always better than 12/12 :)
Posted By: animatics (5/28/2012 7:29:37 AM)


Use this in a MortarPod deck to get extra use out of those creatures!

Also a great way to block creatures during combat, cast this on your creature and gloat that you now have a +1/+1 counter on your guy while the opponent lost his creature =)
Posted By: MechaKraken (6/21/2012 11:01:23 PM)


The following was taken from wiki.mgtsalvation.com: """Undying relies on the last known information about the permanent just before it was put into a graveyard. If that permanent had a +1/+1 counter on it, then receives enough -1/-1 counters for it to be put into a graveyard due to having 0 toughness or lethal damage marked on it, it won't return to the battlefield despite the state-based action of +1/+1 counters and -1/-1 counters "cancelling each other out". As the permanent last existed on the battlefield, it had a +1/+1 counter on it, so undying will not trigger"""
What I don't get is why they say that a creature with undying, having died, then coming back, and given a -1-1 counter, won't come back again. Don't +1+1 counters and -1-1 counters cause one another to cease to exist if they are both on the same permanent? What if I used Ferropede to remove the +1+1 counter, would the creature be able to come back again then? Why doesn't the +1+1 and -1-1 canceling each other idea work?
Posted By: MatthewExline (8/2/2012 4:51:57 PM)