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I played a game with my friend that dread returned his darksteel into play. He also had a counter spell on an isochron. I conceded and he told me "just keep playing, maybe you can pull something off"

So I slapped this onto my panoptic mirror... He gave me quite a scowl. Great way to concede..
Posted By: Revan312 (8/14/2010 10:15:42 PM)


Player 1 : "So, untap phase..."
Player 2 : *tap some lands* "Just shut the f**k up."
Player 1 : "What the..."
Posted By: Anzu-chan (10/9/2012 4:17:15 PM)


A real man's counterspell of choice.
Posted By: Kirbster (11/29/2012 12:37:33 PM)


What a great thing to put on a stick with Isochron Scepter.
Posted By: IceMetalPunk (3/10/2013 8:48:39 PM)


Ok. Lets look at this. 6 cost for a countering of ANY spell as well as skipping a combat phase(just what mono-blue control needs), and basically says "here yuh go, another turn. ALso, it has instant speed... unlikie the favored time warp... I dont get why you guys like that card... IDK... ANyways, this card is sideboard material, becuase it is reather expensive and can take up a slot in main-stream after you find out your Wall of Frost, Guard Gamazoa, and trusty sphinx are handling themselves just fine... 4.5/5
Posted By: Sorin__Markov (6/11/2010 2:31:57 PM)


Hrmmm. When to play it....?
Do you gamble that your opponent will play something/attack you, or indeed wait until they do?
Or do you play it in their upkeep and deny them a draw?

I'm leaning toward the latter. If youre playing blue, you probably aren't trying to win via creatures so having his untapped wont really inconvience you.
However having untapped lands does mean hes open to counter you back.
Some interesting possibilities. Id be interesting in seeing some of the uses other than the "save my ass" ones.
Posted By: psyklone (6/20/2010 5:05:48 PM)


Oh man, this and cards like Mindslaver make me one hundred percent looooove this game
Posted By: TheSwarm (7/8/2010 10:47:44 PM)


it's versatile but not always denying a player's turn completely.

he can go through most of his turn without being denied of anything since he gets priority once draw phase happens. Then Time Stop can be used against him immediately after he passes priority in draw, or you can wait till pre-combat or combat phase. But the moment you decide that his summons are resolved in pre-combat, the only thing left to do is Time Stop in the next stack (i.e. in combat). Time Stop is either a Counterspell/Stifle in the draw/main or a Fog/Counterspell/Stifle in combat phase...if i got this down correctly lulz
Posted By: phantom.lance (7/22/2010 11:38:17 PM)


If only it had a quote from squee...
Posted By: BlackAlbino (4/6/2011 11:16:57 PM)


Card should read "Counter target everything."

...What happens with Hive Mind??
Posted By: NocteMundi (4/30/2011 3:24:01 PM)


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