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Band Together Bloodrage Alpha Bloody Betrayal Brokers Confluence Cascade Seer Concealing Curtains Curse of the Restless Dead Eon Frolicker Flumph Geistpack Alpha Giant Regrowth Goblin Trapfinder Guardian of Faith Illustrious Historian Incessant Provocation Intellect Devourer Ironscale Hydra Life Insurance Life of the Party Lizardfolk Librarians Managorger Phoenix Martial Impetus Mentor's Guidance Merfolk Falconer Myconid Spore Tender Nascent Metamorph Orb of Dragonkind Papercraft Decoy Pest Infestation Phantom Steed Phoenix Chick Power of Persuasion Reckless Ringleader Revealing Eye Riptide Turtle Sailors' Bane Scattered Thoughts Subtle Strike Sunstreak Phoenix Supply Drop Sword of Hours Syrix, Carrier of the Flame Task Force Tenacious Pup Thirst for Meaning Thunderous Orator Traumatic Prank Wash Away Wave of Rats Yavimaya Sojourner You've Been Caught Stealing

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