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Aeromunculus Ancient Gold Dragon Apex Altisaur Arni Slays the Troll Ashmouth Dragon Avian Oddity Biowaste Blob Blisterspit Gremlin Blitz Automaton Breena, the Demagogue Calamity Bearer Consuming Blob Crow of Dark Tidings Crushing Canopy Declare Dominance Dr. Julius Jumblemorph Drowsing Tyrannodon Druid of the Sacred Beaker Evolution Sage Experimental Frenzy Fin-Clade Fugitives Flowstone Kavu Frenzied Rage Glimmerbell Gnarled Professor Gnottvold Slumbermound Goliath Hatchery Grolnok, the Omnivore Hackrobat Hagra Constrictor Harmonious Emergence Hour of Devastation Impervious Greatwurm Iridescent Hornbeetle Kazandu Nectarpot Killer Service Kinjalli's Sunwing Lumbering Battlement Mantle of the Wolf Mary O'Kill Moldgraf Millipede Naturalize Noxious Groodion Nyxborn Seaguard Octavia, Living Thesis Old-Fashioned Vampire Orazca Frillback Overgrown Arch Pie-Eating Contest Pippa, Duchess of Dice Pollywog Symbiote Poppet Factory Poppet Stitcher Prickly Marmoset Prologue to Phyresis Pteramander Pyroclastic Hellion Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer Ranging Raptors Reality Scramble Rigging Runner Ruin Crab Rumor Gatherer Rust Monster Scrap Welder Scrapyard Recombiner Seafloor Oracle Secret Base Segovian Angel Sidar Jabari of Zhalfir Silverclad Ferocidons Skyclave Shadowcat Smoldering Egg Split Screen Sprite Dragon Startling Development Surgeon General Commander Swarm Guildmage Taigam, Ojutai Master Taigam, Sidisi's Hand Territorial Maro The Superlatorium (The Superlatorium (a)) The Superlatorium (The Superlatorium (b)) The Superlatorium (The Superlatorium (c)) The Superlatorium (The Superlatorium (d)) The Superlatorium (The Superlatorium (e)) The Superlatorium (The Superlatorium (f)) Thrun, Breaker of Silence Toxic Scorpion Toxrill, the Corrosive Tundra Fumarole Two-Headed Giant Uncage the Menagerie Urabrask, Heretic Praetor Urtet, Remnant of Memnarch Wandering Mind Watermarket White Dragon Wild Onslaught Xira Arien
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