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Ajani Vengeant Ajani's Chosen Alpine Guide Archers' Parapet Armadillo Cloak Arms Dealer Ashen-Skin Zubera Ashling the Pilgrim Ashling, the Extinguisher Auntie's Hovel Avacynian Missionaries Aven Fleetwing Azorius Arrester Bane of Hanweir Blightsteel Colossus Blinding Spray Blood Reckoning Bogardan Hellkite Boldwyr Heavyweights Bookwurm Bruenor Battlehammer Brute Force Brute Strength Call to Glory Champion of the Flame Cliffrunner Behemoth Conclave Phalanx Cover of Winter Crack the Earth Cunning Sparkmage Dark Withering Deathbellow Raider Desperate Ritual Doubling Season Dowsing Shaman Dreadbore Dreampod Druid Embodiment of Spring Epic Confrontation Explore the Vastlands Facevaulter Fanatical Firebrand Feather, the Redeemed Fertilid Fiend Hunter Final-Sting Faerie Firemane Avenger Frontier Guide Furtive Homunculus Goblin Arsonist Goblin Bangchuckers Goblin Freerunner Goblin Sharpshooter Goblin Spymaster Goblin War Drums Goldmeadow Stalwart Gorehorn Minotaurs Guardian of Vitu-Ghazi Gustrider Exuberant Hamlet Captain Hammer Jammer Hanweir Watchkeep Harabaz Druid Hinder Hostage Taker Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician Inaction Injunction Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni Inspired Charge Joyride Rigger Jungle Shrine Kindled Fury Kinsbaile Cavalier Knight of the Reliquary Kor Hookmaster Koth's Courier Lair of the Hydra Leaf-Crowned Elder Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate Llanowar Scout Lunarch Inquisitors Mad Auntie Mad Prophet Madrush Cyclops Magus of the Library Marrow-Gnawer Marsh Flitter Mindsparker Mizzium Tank Mountain Nath's Elite Nema Siltlurker Nivix Cyclops Oakenform Ohran Yeti Ol' Buzzbark Oona's Prowler Overwhelm Phantasmal Dragon Pirate's Pillage

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