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Abandon Reason Allied Assault Ancient Stone Idol Archfiend of Despair Arterial Flow Azra Oddsmaker Band Together Caged Zombie Champion of Dusk Chemister's Insight Clattering Augur Dark Nourishment Deadeye Quartermaster Deathbellow War Cry Decommission Dread Wanderer Grind // Dust (Dust) Enduring Sliver Essence Scatter Farmstead Gleaner Forerunner of the Legion Goblin Trailblazer Grind // Dust (Grind) Haazda Marshal Heirloom Mirror Hero of the Games Hobbling Zombie Hostile Desert Impale Inevitable End Inherited Fiend Karfell Harbinger Lens Flare Lich's Caress Liliana's Scorn Liliana's Standard Bearer Maulfist Doorbuster Murderous Rider Omniscience Prosperous Pirates Skola Grovedancer Slaughter Pact Stitcher's Graft Murderous Rider (Swift End) Syndicate Guildmage Tezzeret, Artifice Master Two-Headed Zombie Walker Wave of Reckoning Wings of Hubris Witherbloom Apprentice Wood Elves

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