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Abzan Falconer Aethertide Whale Archon of Redemption Armament Corps Armament Master Avarice Amulet Barkshell Blessing Benalish Veteran Bog-Strider Ash Bonds of Quicksilver Brightmare Brindle Shoat Caterwauling Boggart Cenn's Heir Chance Encounter Chief Engineer Cho-Manno, Revolutionary Cinderhaze Wretch Citadel Siege Citanul Woodreaders Crimson Muckwader Crush Underfoot Deathmark Defang Demolish Dichotomancy Dragon Whelp Dragonlord Silumgar Duress Dying to Serve Ego Erasure Elspeth, Undaunted Hero Etched Monstrosity Ethercaste Knight Etherium Sculptor Evolving Wilds Exotic Orchard Expel from Orazca Faerie Miscreant Fervent Cathar Fevered Visions Fibrous Entangler First Sliver's Chosen Floodtide Serpent Forest Frilled Sea Serpent From Under the Floorboards Fuel for the Cause Geralf's Mindcrusher Gladehart Cavalry Glistening Oil Goblin Dark-Dwellers Gor Muldrak, Amphinologist Grand Architect Gravecrawler Great Oak Guardian Greatbow Doyen Greater Sandwurm Grim Roustabout Grimoire of the Dead Hearthfire Hobgoblin Herald of the Fair Hibernation's End Hinterland Hermit Hinterland Scourge Ichor Wellspring Idle Thoughts Inkfathom Divers Invasive Surgery Island Izzet Chronarch Joraga Warcaller Kabira Vindicator Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Knacksaw Clique Kor Bladewhirl Lantern Scout Lavinia, Azorius Renegade Leonin Armorguard Leonin Lightscribe Lighthouse Chronologist Lightning Spear Loxodon Wayfarer Maelstrom Nexus Magister Sphinx Masticore Meadowboon Mikaeus, the Lunarch Moment of Craving Moment of Triumph Morphic Pool Mountain Mox Amber Narstad Scrapper Order of Whiteclay Oswald Fiddlebender Overgrown Tomb Overwhelming Stampede Parasitic Strix Perimeter Captain

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