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Abzan Banner Aether Refinery Ancestral Katana Angelic Armaments Armix, Filigree Thrasher Atarka Monument Azorius Keyrune Barkchannel Pathway Battle of Frost and Fire Black Sun's Zenith Blackcleave Cliffs Blightwidow Bontu the Glorified Boros Keyrune Brain in a Jar Celestial Messenger Cerulean Drake Charnel Troll Chief of the Foundry Chromatic Star Chrome Replicator City in a Bottle Clockwork Fox Codie, Vociferous Codex Consulate Surveillance Corrosive Ooze Creeping Inn Crop Rotation Curious Obsession Darksteel Axe Darksteel Mutation Darksteel Plate Darksteel Relic Dearly Departed Decimator Web Depth Charge Colossus Deserter's Quarters Dimir Keyrune Doom Foretold Dromoka Monument Ecologist's Terrarium Emerald Medallion Emergent Growth Enatu Golem Enter the God-Eternals Evolving Wilds Exclusion Ritual Expose to Daylight Firemind Vessel Flamespeaker's Will Forbidden Orchard Futurist Sentinel Galedrifter Gelatinous Genesis Gilded Lotus Godsend Golden Argosy Golgari Keyrune Grafdigger's Cage Gravewaker Gruul Keyrune Guild Globe Hall of Heliod's Generosity Halo Hopper Hateful Eidolon Haunted Guardian Hedron Crawler Hinterland Harbor Hostile Hostel Imminent Doom Increasing Devotion Incubation Druid Infuse with the Elements Isolated Chapel Izzet Keyrune Jeskai Banner Jet Medallion Jugan Defends the Temple Kheru Bloodsucker Kolaghan Monument Letter of Acceptance Livewire Lash Llanowar Envoy Loam Lion Magnetic Snuffler Mardu Banner Mastery of the Unseen Midnight Oil Naturalize Nautiloid Ship Oblivion Strike Ojutai Monument Orzhov Keyrune Path to the World Tree Pearl Medallion Pelakka Wurm Plains Primal Cocoon Prism Ring Prizefighter Construct
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