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this card is sick i hope the reprint of this card is coming near i still have this deck keeping it for future means
Posted By: henroery29 (3/29/2011 5:38:45 AM)


@Nagazel Library of Leng only affects cards discarded by effects to be put on top of your library. Linessa's Grandeur ability requires you to discard as a cost to activate it (Cost ≠ Effects). So no awesome Leng shenanigans.
Posted By: HereticSmitty (10/8/2011 9:40:43 PM)


Is that Academy at Tolaria West in the background?
Posted By: Nagoragama (10/17/2011 1:36:14 AM)


I only have one of these, I run it in my casual blue deck, and even without the Grandeur ability she's still a pretty good card. If nothing else, she's a 3/3 for 4, which is about as efficient as most blue creatures get.
Posted By: Skeletextman (1/22/2012 12:40:02 AM)


I see grandeur being a future mechanic when we return to Kamigawa.
Posted By: shotoku64 (3/25/2012 6:21:44 PM)


Wow, she's pretty hefty for a squishy wizard. 3/3 for 3Blue? With some amazing abilities? That's...fairly uncommon. I like it.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (4/10/2012 9:49:43 AM)


{U}{U}, {T}: Destroy target creature token
Posted By: LordRandomness (3/19/2014 9:31:48 PM)


Strictly worse than his great-great-granny Alexi.
Posted By: brunocunha (5/6/2014 4:58:52 PM)