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I already have an instill energy deck with plenty of mana acceleration and this guy is going right into it.

Just as soon as I get one. (read: never)
Posted By: Laguz (9/24/2009 12:37:35 AM)


Stop repeatedly using the "dies to removal" and "costs too much arguments" yes he has high CMC but he's also in the best colours to ramp up to it, yes he dies to removal but so do all the other fatties you've thrown out over the past couple of turns as 5, 6 and 7 drops. When he lands there are no guarantees your opponent will have any removal or counterspells left after dealing with the nasties you've already tried to hit them with. And then every turn afterwards he gets to make another dude AFTER you've swung with an 8/8 or even whole swinging with him if they try to get rid of him whilst you're attacking. If they don't have the removal the TURN you play him he replaces himself and then you have the card advantage even if they remove him.
Posted By: Wormfang (6/3/2012 8:19:06 AM)


Timmy, meet your BFF!
Posted By: DespisedIcon (8/2/2010 8:57:20 PM)


Attack Phase : Attack with Godsire.
Main Phase 2 : Tap Godsire for his ability.

You will be swinging for 8 and still geting an 8/8, which can then block when you end your turn.
Oh, and this is the largest creature (both in power and toughness) that has vigilance.
I thought that was worth mentioning.
Posted By: Eved (6/24/2010 7:11:41 PM)


Whats really interesting about naya beasts is they are huge, and powerful, but none of them are legendary. You could stack your deck with 4 of these if you wanted to. Elvish piper would help put it on the field, but other than that paying 8 mana for any creature is to high, as you would almost never be able to put into play. It has no protection from removal, and so it dies to practically everything. Godsire is effectivley a huge gamble, if your opponent has no removal making 8/8's every turn is almost sure to make you win, even if they do draw their removal a few turns later having put 3 - 4, 8/8 creatures into play is a game win; but if they do draw it and simply remove the godsire, then it's a waste of 8 mana. Vines of the vastwood would probably be the best answer to that problem. Generally speaking however, it's unwise to play with a high cost creature with no form of anti removal, as drawing it in your first hand means its practically unplayable for almost the whole game, a... (see all)
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (11/13/2009 12:35:08 AM)


This card is def. one of the top cards of shards. With (Mayael the Anima, Elvish Piper, Dramatic Entrance or Dragon Arch) this guy can prove very dominent. Throw a Shield of the Oversoul on him and watch your opponents run !!
Posted By: kilovortex (1/28/2010 4:12:27 PM)


Vigilance seems really random for a big beastie like this, but it makes sense when considered in conjunction with his ability. I only wish he had trample, though.
Posted By: Zulp (12/7/2009 5:31:16 PM)


This card can turn the tide of battle quickly. I love it's brutal nature and ability to flood the field with more 8/8 tokens.
Posted By: The_ShapeLess_One (10/10/2009 12:29:25 PM)


In my opinion it's the best of the "shard overlord" cycle. (Prince of Thralls, etc.)

It's pretty much overkill!
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (6/28/2009 9:08:09 PM)


Doubling season
simple as that
Posted By: BlackAlbino (5/9/2010 7:41:02 PM)