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Aw - anyone who says opponents are trying to edge them out of the game early on just isn't playing him right, in my opinion. If you are going to give your opponents this much card draw, make sure they will be focusing their threats somewhere else. When there are one or two opponents left, start dropping stuff like Confiscate and Rite of Replication from behind a Dissipation Field and a Propaganda and an Asceticism with an army of tokens in play and a counterspell or three in hand. Evacuation isn't bad, either. He's really, really fun if you go subtle with him, and he'll nearly always keep you in the game for a good long while.

Also, great for playing against the Archenemy and team games in general.
Posted By: Discoduck (5/3/2012 10:22:23 PM)


Good card if you want to play an aggressive EDH deck. His ability ensures that unless your opponent is playing out early creatures that they don't mind trading with (and can trade with), you're going to chip away at some health and start gaining some massive card advantage. In multiplayer EDH, it also encourages players to attack each other rather than you, in order to get that same card advantage.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (6/15/2012 6:37:49 AM)


I think GU creatures have more synergy with each other than anything else in magic.

This guy probably collects snakes in his spare time: Coiling Oracle, Mystic Snake, Lorescale Coatl, Winged Coatl
Posted By: lorendorky (6/16/2011 11:14:19 PM)


Pretty awesome political card... No one will want to attack you, and no one will really want to kill him either because they want to keep drawing cards.
Posted By: faisjdas (6/16/2011 4:02:57 PM)


If you really wanted to, instead of using this guy you could slip a dollar to whoever attacks one of your opponents instead of you!
But seriously this guy buys you new friends during the match. Just throw down a Death By Dragons to tip everyone in the right direction.
Posted By: AnTzero (6/16/2011 2:57:51 PM)


@Wanderer: Isn't Overbeing of Myth a relevant link between the two, being both colors? Not a Legendary link, if that's what you were looking for.

Star City Games has him going for $20. Guess I'm not getting him for my casual deck. I doubt the price will go down too much, as he is just amazing in any multiplayer environment, and still good in 1v1.
Posted By: sarroth (6/17/2011 9:37:17 AM)


"I am not at liberty to reveal my sources, but I assure you, the price on your head is high."
-Edric, to Fugitive Wizard

"Well, I heard that, according to StarCityGames.com, the price on your head is high."
-Me, to Edric
Posted By: Enchantment_Removal (7/12/2011 7:20:08 PM)


where can i rate it 6/5 ?
Posted By: Pipikako (6/22/2011 10:16:41 AM)


To all those saying that Edric's ability keeps opponents from attacking you:
I have never experienced this. Usually, whenever I play my Edric EDH deck, everyone tries to kill me after about turn five or six. This might have something to do with my propensity to cast Eldrazi's on turn five or six.
Anyway, that aside, I love Edric and I think he'll become a fairly prominent general in the future. My current EDH deck runs a high creature count (about 40) and lots of mana ramp (about 25). It's a lot of fun and is fairly effective.
Posted By: DeviousPie (2/2/2012 3:23:43 PM)


Anybody else take one look at this guy, note his creature type, colors, and uniform (forget the effect for now), and think 'HOLY CRAP ELROND IS A CARD NOW!' ???

and as for the ability- you can make or break quite a few Fellowships with this guy. Find a Sol Ring to fight over (don't ask me how, I hear in Commander anything's possible) and you've got yourself a Council of Edric!
Posted By: DarthParallax (6/22/2011 2:11:26 AM)


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