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I’ve only just realised what his Green ability is. You tap a forest and then him to exile a creature card for life. In other words, he sets up a fire with some wood, and cooks the roadkill you found!
Posted By: Kodanshi (3/20/2014 10:14:37 AM)


Have you ever seen a Grim Lavamancer in action before long you need a kill spell
or it takes over the game imagine a Birds of Paradise for mono black, or a free shock a turn. It allows main deck grave hate, turn two Liliana of the Veil.
In a standard match I've killed my opponent with 2 shamans, and a Lotleth troll
When you think of it as a one-drop planeswalker, it warps the game around it
This is just on a one mana elf
In a draft it won the game, my opponent had a Palisade giant out with an arrest on deathrite, I drew a sundering growth
Posted By: wildbartty (4/4/2014 1:06:25 AM)


Sweet art, fun ability!
Posted By: car2n (4/8/2014 3:06:06 PM)


People, i get it, he's good. But the meta just provoked a ban on a piddly little guy that dies to, like, ANY spot removal. I know, i know, we hear this about every OP creature...does anything change? no, peeps in modern events still hold on to their lightning bolts for that imaginary 5 or 6 drop that is totally irrelevant by the time it hits cuz they just ramped. Why can't early creature removal be the new meta, instead of bans? I loved this guy, and i´m not just saying that. I literally kiss my play-set to sleep, before slipping them into their upright sleeves by my nightstand and have merry dreams of enemies with early mill decks. Those days are ash now, Wizards, and the light of standard play only grows dimmer by the day. When will i see my shamans again MaRo? When? It´s cold outside. I feel myself fading. I see them waving at me, from the clouds of casual-heaven. Someone is with them. Grave-troll? Is that you? They´re all smiling, everyone´s happy, the light grows brighter. I can f... (see all)
Posted By: diabolex (4/14/2014 5:36:15 PM)


This is the best one drop ever printed, and its not even close.
Posted By: observant1 (4/22/2014 10:50:35 PM)


King Tarmogoyf is so terrified of DRS that he managed to use his fame to lobby the Gamemakers at Wizards of the Coast to ban him from Modern play.
Posted By: Zoroaster85 (5/17/2014 9:59:43 PM)


Easily the most-played creature in Legacy, and one that proved too powerful in Modern. And it still has over three months left in Standard. It's that good.
Posted By: Continue (6/8/2014 6:31:25 PM)


Why back in MY day we had Mons's Goblin Raiders and Merfolk of the Pearl Trident as 1CMC creatures. And we had to walk uphill in the snow to get to our LGS!
Posted By: Claytoon (6/9/2014 2:41:44 PM)