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Piston Sledge it. Then, you have a Monkey with a Hammer!

Actually, its Mirrodin, so it would be made of metal as well. So thats a Metal Monkey with a Hammer!

And I often slap Demonic Appetite on this as part of my mono-black aggro. You know what that means?..... a Metal Demon Monkey with a Hammer!
Posted By: Splizer (5/10/2011 3:14:41 PM)


Like Myr Turbine, this should have been cast as a Phyrexian variation of the card it appears to be referencing (Thermal Navigator based on art)
Posted By: Mata-nui3 (1/27/2011 7:18:51 PM)


@shizaquawn and Metalhunter.

Think of the stack as a stack of cards. All spells and abilities go on top of the stack. The stack resolves from the topmost card to the bottom card, meaning each effect comes into play in that order. Each player gets "priority" to respond to a spell or ability that has gone onto the stack. So by shizaquawn's example: If Signal Pest attacks, Battle Cry goes on the stack, but will not go into effect until it "resolves" after each player has passed priority (cast nothing). If a player instead plays a Path to Exile on Signal Pest in response to Battle Cry on the stack, Path to Exile will resolve first and Battle Cry will be nullified.

Another example: Roil Elemental is cast and goes onto the stack. Each player gets priority to respond to this card. So a player casts Cancel in response to Roil Elemental, thus Cancel then goes on top of the stack. Priority then comes back around to the player who played Roil Elemental, so in response to Ca... (see all)
Posted By: jilting_joker (12/3/2011 11:59:00 PM)


He enables the following aggroriffice deck I saw on tappedout.

4 Kuldotha Rebirth
4 Signal Pest
4 Memnite
4 Ornithopter
2 Mox Opal
4 Goblin Guide
4 Goblin Bushwhacker
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Galvanic Blast
2 Koth of the Hammer
20 Mountain
4 (Can't remember)

Playing first

Turn 1: Mountain, Memnite, Signal Pest.
Turn 2: Mountain, Signal Pest, Goblin Guide.
Turn 3: Mountain, Kuldotha Rebirth, Kicked Whacker. Swing for 20 damage.
Posted By: Wraique (2/9/2011 5:06:39 AM)


@Superllama12: Signal Pest doesn't have infect so it would be 2 infect counters from Inkmoth Nexus and then 1 regular damage from Signal Pest.

This seems like a solid creature to include in an infect deck since there aren't any 1 drop infect creatures (except Vector Asp can gain infect).
Posted By: TheJones (2/15/2011 9:34:42 AM)



I see it more as the flavor described on the card itself. The pest isn't making some inspiring war cry, but its revealing the enemies' position away, giving the attackers an extra advantage.
Posted By: Alluceanot (3/4/2011 11:20:51 AM)


what if signal pest is the only one on the field, does he give himself +1 power? Or do I always need to have 2 battle crys on the field?
Posted By: Helles (3/22/2011 10:50:48 AM)


shizaquawn: Once attacks are declared the battlecry effect will remain with the effected attackers until end of turn. Battlecry is triggered on attack and is not checked again.
Posted By: K9black (3/29/2011 4:21:35 PM)


I like Legacy affinity. This card is awesome.
Posted By: blink182zombies (4/2/2011 3:03:33 PM)


This card looks like it'd be hilarious to play with.
Posted By: Pontiac (4/6/2011 4:34:45 PM)