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@Sironos: Because that's what Green has, powerful creatures and mana-ramp. It's like asking why Blue has the best card advantage and the best counters: because that's what Blue does. Mono-Green is by no means overpowered, and while it does have amazing creatures and ramp it has those because they're pretty much it's entire shtick. Remember, in return it loses pretty much any removal, sweepers, flying, and a whole bunch of other shiny stuff.
Posted By: Chosen_of_the_Dark_Sun (1/16/2011 2:21:41 PM)


Eats creatures and *** life points.
Posted By: tcollins (11/24/2010 5:52:32 PM)


Posted By: Cryonic (9/27/2010 2:58:29 PM)


Stole its flavour text from Megatog.
Posted By: Steinhauser (3/27/2011 7:10:33 AM)


Disgustingly good with Revenge of the Hunted.
Posted By: Totema (7/5/2012 11:50:02 PM)


So, will this get through Hexproof/Protection?

I think it will but I'm not really sure, I don't see the word "target" anywhere. Or is "that" considered as "target"?
Posted By: Kesth (3/12/2012 9:57:45 AM)


This thing can kill a Progenitus, if your opponent blocks with it... Lure, FTW.
Posted By: Amnatto (11/7/2010 8:58:22 AM)


I heart this wurm. I'll hug it, and love it, and call it george, and equip it with Echo Circlet and EAT SOME FACE !

A new best friend for my casual Wurm deck.
Posted By: Danveldo (9/25/2010 4:00:00 AM)


This and Rage Nimbus are reason enough to play a red-green deck.
Posted By: FatLenny (10/28/2010 5:14:32 AM)



Don't know where you read that, but it's wrong. Yes, ordinarily when he's blocked, the blocker is destroyed and he deals no combat damage. This is because he's still classified as "blocked", even though there's not a blocker anymore (in the same way, you can block with a creature that has a sacrifice effect, sacrifice it, and the attacking creature will still be "blocked"). However, the definition of trample is that you can still deal damage when blocked. More specifically, once lethal damage has been applied to blockers, any extra can be dealt to the defending player (or planeswalker). In this case there is no lethal damage required since the blocker was already destroyed.

As for the destroyed creature dealing damage, it gets destroyed during the 'declare blockers' step, so is gone before combat damage is dealt.
Posted By: nemokara (2/7/2011 1:05:29 PM)