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Slow down guys, I think you dont understand the card. I could be wrong but I believe that this counts your sideboard as "exiled" as exiled is the new term for "removed from game". Its like the old wish cards like Cunning Wish and such so it isnt that bad, if you have your combo in your sideboard it can let you nail it perfectly every time if your opponent doesnt disrupt it. Heck, in casual play with friends you could argue that this lets you get any seven cards from your entire collection!
Posted By: cyfeariul (7/21/2009 11:11:15 AM)


Does a card with imprint forget the exiled card if the exiled card is returned to play?
Posted By: WolfPackXV (8/11/2009 7:20:22 PM)


This + Serum Powder = ???

Just through it would be interesting... say you get a hand of six GREAT cards, but no lands, witha Serum Powder... and you had this mirror in your deck. Well, late game, when you just need those six cards to win, you can fetch them exactly.

Janky? Probably. But oh so fun if you pull it off.
Posted By: Kalatash (10/3/2009 5:23:54 PM)


Posted By: -Dangimill- (10/13/2009 4:39:07 PM)


hmm.. something is making me think of doomsday and yawgmoth's will. you can get this oout on turn 1 with mana vault, mana crypt, and lotus petal... not that it's likely but you know... it is possible.

it is definately interesting. I am sure this would see some sort of tourny play if it was only 3 mana to cast.

i like the "exiled face up" haha... i guess they dont want people using this with memory jar .. hahaha.
Posted By: Megrimage (10/27/2009 11:58:19 AM)


Hmmm.... what about with Sadistic Sacrament?
Posted By: Meraxes (11/13/2009 3:20:07 PM)


Brilliant Ultimatum anyone? :>
Posted By: Magasul (11/15/2009 10:39:51 AM)


All this talk about playing Mirror of Fate with this combo and that combo... Has anyone ever actually tried to play a game with this card? Has anyone EVER won a game with card?
Posted By: zendikutioner (12/13/2009 2:57:05 AM)


Reduce your entire library to lands, time warps, and another mirror, with Jace and Relic of Prog in play.

Once you hit 12 lands your opponent never gets another turn again.
Posted By: Gilgiga (12/14/2009 3:24:12 PM)


@jeff-heikkinen : Actually Exiled is the new term for RFG. So Exiled is RFG. They changed some of the rules for all of magic when this set was released. Pretty much just changed some of the termanology like changing RFG to Exile, and "when x enters play" to "when x enters the battlefield".
Posted By: Hituro (12/17/2009 4:17:39 AM)