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Due to Hexproof being a keyword ability now, this will not allow Muraganda Petroglyphs to give your vanilla creatures any bonus.
Posted By: Necroferno (7/6/2011 4:14:10 AM)


this is now in my top 5 cards

I hate removal. I use some as a last resort but the people with decks full of doom blades, lightning bolts and pacifisms *** me off. Control is my worst enemy. Now BWAHAHAHAHAHAH

see everyone seems to go for the regenerate first, but i almost forget about it, i'm just sitting here playing mycoloth going TERMINATE THIS

yes they can deal with the enchantment, but then they have have a spell for this and the creature, so it works pretty well, esp. when, in my playgroup, most people focus on creature removal, and an enchantment just stumps them. don't ask, but hey, i'm the one with naturalizes and no creature removal (my creatures can deal with theirs, but no so much their other permanents)

yes yes, Privilaged Position also, but i don't happen to have a bunch, and they can't be used in green edh
AND PRIVILAGED POSITION CAN'T BE IN MY KEMBA DECK (frown) Kemba needs some troll shoud but that's all in green

Also spatc... (see all)
Posted By: Kindulas (2/5/2011 9:53:36 PM)


Can stop creature stealing that blue specializes in, and Captivating Vampire uses. Not to mention regenerating and can also stop doom blade. WHERE THE F*CK IS IT, I'VE OPENED A TON OF SCARS PACKS NOT TO FIND ANY.
Posted By: made4ipod (2/17/2011 10:14:03 AM)


Yes, he is the last troll...on Mirrodin! Come on guys, think planes here. There are still trolls on other planes, so this won't be the last troll printed. Maybe in blocks set on Mirrodin, sure, but we will see more on other planes I'm sure.
Posted By: planarsibling (3/6/2011 6:26:40 PM)


pretty crazy in allies.

I ramped this out turn 3 (Bird, Renegade Doppleganger, Free blade, Druid).

My opponent dropped his third land and cried.

this plus druid equals day of Judgement is a dead card in your hand as I ramp into more and more allies.

Maybe not competitive, but pretty fun.
Posted By: Mastamune (10/4/2010 4:03:53 PM)


This works really well in an infect deck.. well, YOUR infect deck. Chump block all day long :)
Posted By: Smauls (3/9/2011 9:21:46 AM)


Too Bad This Thing Dies To Removal!
Posted By: MasterOfEfherium (4/24/2011 4:30:26 PM)


Anyone notice how this card is a zoomed-out version of Thrun, the last troll?
Posted By: TOF1000 (1/19/2011 4:49:39 PM)


"Yeah... I'll just stay here and let my Allies buff each other up while you hope to draw a card that destroys enchantments, hmmkay?"
Posted By: braden.campbell (10/14/2010 2:36:37 PM)


It should just say: All creatures you control become Troll Ascetics.
Posted By: NecroticNobody (9/24/2010 12:19:49 PM)