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Only any real use in mono-green decks and they are the ones I run with the least land due to all the alternative means by which to gain mana ramp. Also I seem to keep getting them in boosters instead of something interesting. Sigh.
Posted By: HowardTreesong (4/9/2012 7:32:51 AM)


My Lost in the Woods EDH deck

General: Jolrael, Empress of Beasts

Llanowar Elves
Fyndhorn Elves
Arbor Elf
Wirewood Elf
Krosan Restorer
Primal Bellow
War Dance
Overlaid Terrain
Lost in the Woods
Mask of Avacyn

Forest 87
Posted By: Travis44 (4/15/2012 8:10:21 AM)


Do I get to pick the order that creatures are attacking me? With a little self mill, and some forests in my GY, raclaim and noxious revival could really make this card good.
Posted By: MindEcho (5/7/2012 10:24:30 AM)


This card is kind of a flavor fail, as well as usefulness fail. If a creature gets lost in a forest of unknown size, how do they find their way back out? It's more of the player playing this is hiding in the forest rather than the attackers getting lost. One of the few disappointments of the set.
Posted By: NuckChorris (6/27/2012 10:04:57 AM)


Really? No one has mentioned Scouting Trek?

Also, @Wraique: If only there were blue forests.
Posted By: Ragamander (7/20/2012 12:39:42 PM)


Thinking... i would run it in a yeva deck... the fact that it weeds out a few of your opponent's attackers leaves you with more options in what to trade when flashing in blockers etc makes it viable, though i would run it as a one of then again you could consider that multiples of this stack on each other, but its still a gamble
Posted By: Gheridarigaaz (7/23/2012 4:55:31 PM)


I understand it now. This card was a hint that shocklands would be reprinted! I smell a Standard deck!
Posted By: SirZapdos (9/27/2012 9:20:22 AM)


This card is pretty useful in the casual multiplayer setting I usually play in. Just in normal mono-green, no uber land tricks involved.

If a player attacks you, do they tap out and go for overkill? Will it help? What if x creature is left attacking alone, or X creature is rendered useless? Makes a few decent blockers a heck of a lot more than they would be otherwise, and works on surprise attackers (haste creatures or whatever). . .if it works at all of course.

Unless an opponent is running a lot of vigilance it can be reasonably unnerving.

Obviously it probably shouldn't go anywhere near most competitive decks, but it's not a bad card.
Posted By: Stuflames (1/31/2013 4:00:37 PM)


My favorite card! Built a modern deck around using this and Scry and Garruk's Horde to clear all the creatures out of my deck, leaving me with a permafog. Dryad Arbor and Druidic Satchel are just gravy in helping you take advantage of it.

That said, though fun, it's far from competitive. You'd be better off just running some Fogs for 99.9% of Green decks. That .1% is quite fun,though!
Posted By: Living_Sideways (3/28/2013 9:33:33 AM)


Divining top? Its not that bad just needs combo. Heck even in mono green without combo its a good casual card. Gets rid of your land draws when you do not need anymore, and slows down their attackers. Also adds a fun factor.

Yes for 1 more mana you can get Primeval Titan, I never said this was serious competitive stuff.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/6/2013 11:13:15 PM)


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