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Abnormal Endurance Adaptive Snapjaw Aether Gust Ahn-Crop Invader Air Elemental Ancestral Statue Archfiend of Spite Armored Cancrix Artful Dodge Aspect of Manticore Biogenic Upgrade Bladed Sentinel Bloodbriar Bloodhunter Bat Brackish Trudge Branching Evolution Breaching Leviathan Carrion Screecher Casualties of War Clamor Shaman Clan Guildmage Cogwork Spy Conclave Cavalier Cowl Prowler Creeping Renaissance Crushing Canopy Culling Mark Deadeye Navigator Death Wind Demon of Loathing Dismantling Blow Display of Dominance Dissipate Dragonrage Drifting Shade Drowner of Hope Elephant Guide Eternal Taskmaster Falkenrath Forebear Fallen Shinobi Farbog Boneflinger Favor of the Woods Find // Finality (Finality) Find // Finality (Find) Flameblade Adept Fleet Swallower Flicker of Fate Forest Forked Bolt Fortuitous Find Fry Glacial Grasp Grasp of Fate Hammerhand Hate Mirage Homeward Path Illusionary Informant Infuriate Inordinate Rage Inquisition of Kozilek It That Betrays Kalemne's Captain Khenra Eternal Loyal Subordinate Magus of the Order Makindi Mesas Makindi Stampede Moldgraf Monstrosity Moldgraf Scavenger Momentous Fall Mortus Strider Mountain Nighthaze Nimble-Blade Khenra Ninja's Kunai Noxious Grasp Plague Wight Pride of Conquerors Primal Druid Profound Journey Prowling Pangolin Quest for Renewal Rampaging Cyclops Ranger's Path Reclusive Taxidermist Renegade Demon Rhythm of the Wild Rising Populace Rotting Fensnake Rubblebelt Boar Rubblebelt Rioters Rumbling Aftershocks Selective Adaptation Selesnya Eulogist Serpent of Yawning Depths Shadowmage Infiltrator Silburlind Snapper Siren Reaver Skizzik Skymarch Bloodletter
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