Shining Shoal
Community Rating:
Community Rating: 4.156 / 5  (48 votes)
Card Name:
Shining Shoal
Mana Cost:
Variable ColorlessWhiteWhite
Mana Value:
Instant — Arcane
Card Text:
You may exile a white card with mana value X from your hand rather than pay this spell's mana cost.
The next X damage that a source of your choice would deal to you and/or creatures you control this turn is dealt to any target instead.
Card Number:
2/1/2005 If the player or creature that was targeted is no longer playing or on the battlefield when the damage would occur, the damage isn't redirected.
2/1/2005 The redirection protects both you and your creatures from the source. If the source would deal more than X damage to multiple objects, you decide which damage is redirected until X is used up. For example, your opponent casts a spell that deals 1 damage to you and 1 damage to two of your creatures. If you cast Shining Shoal with X = 2, you can have damage to you and one creature redirected to the target, or you could have damage to both creatures redirected.
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