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As of September 18th, the rating stands at 3.868. Check back once innistrad block is all released.
Posted By: EternalPhi (9/17/2011 9:30:51 PM)


If you're running black in EDH, there's very little reason why this shouldn't be in your deck. One mana to hose someone's graveyard shenanigans, and it replaces itself for another Black? Count me in.
Posted By: Lief098 (7/15/2012 11:19:58 AM)


I like how this says "Odyssey block cards are unplayable" in its text box.
Posted By: Shard_Fenix (3/22/2011 11:35:12 PM)


Interesting. This is worst bomb in limited and best bomb outside of it.
Posted By: Gavrilo (9/28/2010 5:14:23 AM)


Best of its cycle.
Posted By: Minus_Prime (9/24/2010 9:53:28 AM)


I expected a reprint of scrabbling claws, but this is actually better.
Posted By: BigK42 (9/26/2010 6:40:21 AM)


There comes a time when everyone is called to rise to an occasion of great import. When Snapcaster Mages, Sun Titans, Unburial Rites and Forbidden Alchemys stalk the land, terrorizing all in their path, the times call for a hero to rise from obscurity.

You may be an inanimate hunk of albeit magical metal. You may have felt the sting of being passed in drafts time after time like that one-legged kid in dodgeball. You may have even asked yourself, "what am I even doing here?"

But Nihil Spellbomb, your time is upon you. Rise up, go forth, and protect the metagame. Good luck, and godspeed.

Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (10/12/2011 9:37:33 PM)


If you're playing a format that allows it, there's almost no reason to run this instead of Tormod's Crypt, unless you're playing black and want the extra draw (can't begrudge that). But in Standard, this card alone is what keeps non-black mill viable, so it's hard not to give this one a solid rating just on that alone. Plus with how prevalent dredge has become, giving any color that wishes it some Vengevine insurance is a welcome move.
Posted By: Lyoncet (3/13/2011 4:43:59 PM)


Graveyard hate, so cheap and so many these days :(
Posted By: Cyberium (9/23/2010 5:51:12 PM)


How dare u underestimate this!!! You will find this handy in Innistrad, especially around all those graveyard effects. 5/5
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (11/13/2011 11:34:36 AM)