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Thanks. Now I need this card.
Posted By: Cyber_Squirrel (6/21/2013 1:06:44 PM)


Alright, who's the wise guy that didn't give Mr. Bolas 5 stars? Pay mana, get win. Simple! Well, you asked for it.....if there were room, this would be his flavor text:

"I must admit, Your parlor tricks are amusing! I bet You've got a beeble under your hat! Now here's your chance to get the best of me,
Hope your hand is HOT!, C'mon clown, Let's see what You've Got!"

"You try to shock me with your hardest stuff but your Double Whammy isn't up to Snuff! I'll set the record straight--You're simply out of date
You're only Second Rate!
You think your cat's a monster, but your tiger's tame; You've got a lot to learn About the Magic game So for your information, I'll Reiterate-
You're only Second Rate!"

"Men cower at the power in my pinky!!! My thumb is #1 on every list!
But i... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/9/2011 12:54:31 PM)


Awesome art. I like how the horn actually goes into the name, makes it look like it pops out.
Posted By: NeoKoda (9/3/2011 3:21:54 PM)


How can you not love Bolas? He wrecks games the second he hits the field. His ultimate should just say "Target player scoops". 5/5
Posted By: dingophone (3/14/2012 12:32:53 PM)



His last ability deals 7 damage because his creature form is a 7/7, as are all the elder dragons. The -9 ability is supposed to resemble a souped up version of Bolas's attack, which explains the discard and sacrifice.


greatest evil? aren't you forgetting someone?
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (3/15/2012 11:26:28 PM)


I'll second that. I prefer the original artwork.
Posted By: Tynansdtm (9/6/2011 1:20:51 AM)


@pedrodyl It's Bolas's horns and one of the ends of Ajani's staff weapon thing.
Posted By: MyrBattlecube (9/2/2011 10:12:29 PM)


"Pffft! Hey Nicol, did you know that that's a GIRL's name?"

Oh crap, he heard me! *runs away*
Posted By: Paleopaladin (4/24/2012 8:39:09 PM)


Dear Darth Parallax:
You have now won the internet. You may now claim your prize of the cutest lolcat in existence. Thank you for playing.
-Nicol Bolas
Posted By: Condor_96 (9/3/2011 8:58:38 PM)


All Planeswalkers shall kneel before the omnipotent Lord Bolas.

If you would so foolishly choose not to, then your very existence is hereby forfeit, as Lord Bolas has no need for those who would defy his insurmountable might.

So make like Sarkhan the Mad and Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas. Join the legions of Lord Bolas.


@adrian.malacoda While Yawgmoth is certainly a terrifyingly evil being, Lord Bolas is leaps and bounds above the man who once ruled over Phyrexia. Having lived both before and after Yawggy is just one of many examples, though I will admit even Lord Bolas' powers would be tested if he were to be challenged by Urza. At any rate though, Lord Bolas is a superior villain.
Posted By: TheWallinator74 (7/2/2012 8:40:37 AM)


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