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Play in Planechase on the Glimmervoid Basin for sheer awesomeness.
Posted By: chinkeeyong (11/5/2010 12:43:06 AM)


Oh Snap!
I love that card. Then again, who does not love bouncing for free (regarding mana of course, not card advantage), and possibly even generating an additional mana or two?
In some cases even worth using on your own creatures to trigger certain cip/etb effects once more, as with Cloud Faeries if you have a land which produces more than one mana when tapped, or to rescue one of your creatures which is being targeted by removal.
And i also think it's better than Unsummon in general - nobody urgently wants to bounce a creature in the first turn anyways (except for threats like a Goblin Lackey), and not being able to cast Snap when drawing it since you've only one open mana left won't happen that often either.

Oh, and you know this won't work nammertime since Isochron Scepter won't untap from untapping lands, right?^^
Posted By: Mode (1/19/2010 8:12:36 AM)


@ nammertime >> fail :)
Posted By: LeoKula (3/11/2010 2:30:07 PM)


Snap + High Tide + Cloud of Faeries = WIN
Posted By: mtear (6/13/2010 10:00:17 AM)


This is so good! You even get mana back to counter whatever they think they're gonna resolve next.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (1/26/2011 3:05:55 PM)


Yes, I did just bounce your Baneslayer Angel to your hand, and yes, I still have two islands untapped. You sure you wanna recast it?
Posted By: Superllama12 (6/4/2011 8:37:02 AM)


I'd say this is better than unsummon. You can't do it your first turn, bt why would you unsummon on your first turn anyway? After that, it can pretty much be free.
Posted By: Azr43l (7/1/2009 10:55:03 AM)


Crackle and Pop!
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (3/18/2010 10:32:00 PM)


Isochron Scepter for unlimited bouncing!

Edit: I posted this whilst under the influence, lol. So yes, fail.
Posted By: nammertime (9/2/2010 11:07:09 AM)


This + Izzet Guildmage with one land that taps for 2 and five mana total to bounce any number, 2 lands that tap for 2 for infinite mana...
Posted By: rubber (8/18/2010 9:17:44 AM)