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Would be interesting to see this card played with Oracle of Mul Daya, Sages filters out creatures, while the Oracle allows you to still get those lands out into play.
Posted By: Guest2125211648 (6/28/2010 6:32:48 PM)


It's fun with Oracle of Mul Daya, Mul Daya Channelers, Heartwood Storyteller, any mana-producing/ land fetching creatures, any library ordering/ sifting creatures, and a token bomb fattie. Those are just the obvious combos - I'm sure there are plenty more for this combo-craving gem.
Posted By: Discoduck (11/14/2010 9:08:41 PM)


Would this work with Allies? or Treasure Hunt?
Posted By: RaLuna (3/1/2010 2:36:45 AM)


Idk, I never play a u/g deck without good noncreature cards, this is more of an exalted deck card.
Posted By: NuclearMECCA (6/28/2010 1:23:16 PM)


congregation at dawn helps
Posted By: DlCK (1/15/2011 11:49:28 PM)


This + Momir vig, simic visionary + many creature deck = insanity.
Posted By: goslowandecho (4/23/2011 11:24:13 AM)


I could see this working well with a Evoke deck (Walker of the Grove, Spitebellows, Mulldrifter, etc).
Posted By: Sutebe (7/29/2011 1:02:24 AM)


Animar, Soul of Elements found his new Best friend in an EDH deck. Just need a Green Sun's Zenith effect to pop this dude into play from your deck and Animar will be set on Creature buddies to hang with. Especially if you match it up with Consecrated Sphinx . Each opponents turn gets you to look at your top 6 cards for creatures. And that's just off their regular turn draw.
Posted By: krissy821 (9/26/2011 7:37:01 PM)


Imagine making a BlueGreen all-creature (+Lands) deck with 4 of these and 4 Graceful Adepts to prevent discard. Yeah... I like it.
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (11/8/2010 1:09:58 PM)


Hmmm I dunno about this, the inability to draw a non-creature card kinda scares me... But I suppose in the right deck this card could be awesome. Maybe.
Posted By: True_Mumin (6/17/2009 5:32:58 PM)


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