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This is totally the guy from Slice in Twain! I feel bad for him...doesn't seem to be on a hot steak :/
Posted By: JWalks82 (12/22/2010 8:39:39 PM)


Archenemy gold. This card is amazing in it. Especially with the reanimation schemes. I need 3 more though =(
Posted By: Rikiaz (9/29/2010 9:06:38 AM)


This card has great synergy with cards like Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker and your choice of two 1 power's. It's essentially {2}{B}{B} "Each other player sacrifices two creatures times however many Grave Pacts you control."
Posted By: Rendin (7/20/2011 5:53:53 PM)


Barter in Blood — 1

Titanium Golem — 0

Posted By: Ladnarud (5/4/2010 4:29:01 PM)


That is why in chess, the pawns go first...
Posted By: God_of_Destruction (6/27/2009 10:23:46 PM)


Note to Geth: High-level games of chess usually involve having the king PROTECT one or two remaining pawns so they can promote to queens and/or knights, late in the game. Emmanuel Lasker, you're not.
Posted By: SkyknightXi (2/3/2012 11:33:46 AM)


Well, it does kill indestructible creatures where damnation does not. Damnation is still better of course, but in games where you might see indestructibles or singleton games where you can only use one of each (or commander /EDH) including one of these might make sense.
Posted By: majinara (10/24/2009 9:58:42 AM)


Fun fact: You can run this card in a deck without creatures.
On the other hand, you'll want to use Damnation instead in this case...
Posted By: Mode (8/2/2009 5:39:41 PM)


@Jwalks82 Don't feel bad for him. The minotaurs have it a lot worse in magic. They're always portrayed on cards as the guy getting his ass kicked. Oh and mmmm hot steak....
Posted By: Polkovnik_Skyfox (6/3/2011 1:06:14 PM)


@Polkovnik_Skyfox - The minotaur are getting desperate, apparently...they're letting markhor into their tribe (take a look at Commander's Zedruu the Greathearted).

Posted By: Alsebra (6/14/2011 1:13:52 AM)